Stove top vanilla bean rice pudding

December 28 2016
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Rice pudding l a splash of vanilla

Rice pudding is one of those comfort desserts I love, yet I’ve never been able to find a decent recipe until today. This turned out creamy and lush and full of childhood cinnamon and vanilla flavours – if you really wanted to turn it up a notch, you could replace 1 cup of the milk with heavy whipping cream, as per the original recipe.

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Bucatini all’amatriciana

August 25 2016

Amatrice, a beautiful little gothic town in Italy, was devastated by an earthquake recently.  This made me desperately sad to read (how does a whole town disappear, a town which has been around for hundreds of years?) so I thought I’d make their national dish today which just happens to be one of the most delicious pasta recipes I’ve ever made.

This is what pasta should be like – simple, rustic yet full of flavour.

My heart goes out to this town and all it’s residents as well as the surrounding areas affected.

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Breakfast sandwich

August 6 2016

So I made this epic sanga this morning – so good!  If you’re not into bacon, just leave it out because I guarantee it’ll be just as awesome.  And I know it just looks like an innocent bacon, avo and egg sandwich however the egg is a type of omelet folded over melty cheese so that makes it really special, especially stuffed into a soft brioche bun.

Make it!

Breakfast burger l a splash of vanilla


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Coconut bundt cake

July 31 2016

Coconut bundt cake l a splash of vanillaSo I made a little bundt cake today – I say little, because I halved this awesome recipe but only had a 24cm bundt tin and fretted for half an hour while it was baking.  It turned out perfectly though!  The crumb is amazing – fairly dense yet somehow light and fluffy and the flavour is pleasingly full of coconut.

I made a scant amount of glaze because I’m not a huge fan of icing so feel free to double or triple if you prefer.

This makes a lovely teatime cake!

Coconut bundt cake l a splash of vanilla

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Chicken white bean soup with ginger & chilli

July 9 2016
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It’s the time of year for chicken soup!

Here in Queensland we’ve gone from the longest, hottest summer to sudden and very icy cold temperatures and this soup cheered me right up recently.

It’s said that chicken soup has magical healing properties and I do feel that’s true, however in order for this to happen you need to poach the chicken breasts in some stock then use the chicken enhanced stock as the base for the soup.  It makes all the difference flavour-wise.

This soup is packed full of vegies and has just a hint of ginger and chilli; perfect for a cold day.

Chicken whte bean soup with ginger & chilli l a splash of vanilla
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