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Byron Bay Cookie Company giveaway update

2014 December 19
by emma

The Byron Bay Cookie Company giveaway has now closed and out of 171 entries (156 post entries + 15 email entries), the winner has been selected by random and contacted.  Congratulations Merryl from New South Wales!

Thank you to everyone who entered and for such creative answers.


Byron Bay Cookie Company winner

    Lemon drop champagne punch

    2014 December 17
    by emma

    I love this lemony, fresh and sparkly cocktail; perfect for an aperitif (before dinner drink) around Christmas time.

    (Limoncello is a really lovely, intensely lemon flavoured liqueur which is great in cocktails (obv.), champagne or even baking and trifles)


    lemon drop champagne recipe

    xmas lemon drop

    xmas lemon drop

    xmas lemon drop

    xmas lemon drop

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      I’ll ride with you

      2014 December 15
      Comments Off
      by emma

      I love this – what a beautiful sentiment. Here’s hoping for a resolution soon for those folks at Martin Place.

      Update 16.12.14: my thoughts are with those hostages who died and were injured today, what a sad day for Australia.


        Lime raspberry friands

        2014 December 14
        by emma

        I’ve been neglecting my friand tin lately.  It’s really just the egg yolks left over that throws me a bit but it’s always a good excuse to make luscious, home made custard or crème brulee.

        Anyway, raspberry season is in which I love because I enjoy baking with berries more than anything and these look quite festive.


        raspberry lime friands
        lime raspberry friand
        raspberries limes
        raspberry lime friands
        raspberry lime friands
        raspberry lime friands
        raspberry lime friands
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          Movie trailers

          2014 December 13
          by emma


          Some movie trailers which look interesting if you feel like having a gander!


          (Top image is a scan from an old postcard; trailers are official movie trailers from YouTube)

            Byron Bay Cookie Company gourmet cookie hamper giveaway (CLOSED)

            2014 December 11
            by emma

            Woop!  This is an awesome giveaway you guys.

            Byron Bay Cookie Company make the most wonderful gourmet cookies which I’ve been buying for years and house three brands; Byron Bay Cookies, Falwasser Crispbreads and Luken & May Biscuits.  They are an Australian company situated in Byron Bay who produce and sell a huge variety of these award winning cookies; they also have bars, crispbreads, gift tins and there are healthy options such as gluten free.  They’re the closest thing to home-made cookies and treats you can have and can be found at the Byron Bay retail store, David Jones, Woolworths, IGA and various specialty gourmet cafes and stores; they also have an online shop for all your cookie needs.

            Click here for more info on Byron Bay Cookie Company’s environmental philosophy, their journey from humble beginnings to becoming an award-winning company and where you can find their products.

            Scroll down for the giveaway rules and have a go at entering.

            Byron Bay Cookie Hamper

            The total value of the hamper is $104.35 including the basket and consists of:

            o   1 x 150gm Seasonal Range gift box: Triple Choc Fudge flavour

            o   1 x 25gm Bon Bon seasonal gift: Gluten Free White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut

            o   1 x 25gm Bon Bon seasonal gift: Milk Choc Chunk

            o   2 x Gluten Free White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut bars

            o   2 x Cranberry & Almond Muesli Bar

            o   2 x large gluten free Chai Latte cookies

            o   2 x large gluten free White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut cookies

            o   2 x large gluten free Dotty cookies

            o   2 x large Triple Choc Fudge cookies

            o   2 x large Rocky Road cookies

            o   2 x large ANZAC cookies

            o   2 x large White Choc Chunk & Macadamia cookies

            o   2 x large high fibre muesli cookies

            o   2 x large Milk Choc Chunk cookies

            o   2 x large Dotty cookies

            o   3 x Twin Pack White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut baby buttons


            Thank you to Sarah from Keep Left and the Byron Bay Cookie Company for this delicious giveaway.


            Some info you need to know:

            1. To enter, you need to leave a comment to this post or email me via the contact tab and tell me … what’s your favourite cookie flavour?
            2. You can enter by one of two ways above or by both, to increase your chances of winning.
            3. Make sure you use a valid email address when you enter.
            4. The giveaway is open to Australian readers only and you need a postal address.
            5. Keep Left have the cookie hamper in their possession and will be sending it to the winner.
            6. The giveaway will close at midnight on Wednesday, 17th December 2014 (Eastern Standard Time, Queensland, Australia); entry to be received by that date and time.
            7. The winner will be chosen at random by;  I will email the lucky person to inform them and will also ask for their full name and postal address so the hamper can be sent.
            8. All personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will at no time be disclosed to any other party.
            9. This giveaway is associated with the Byron Bay Cookie Company who have provided the hamper to be sent to the winner by Keep Left.

              The Babadook (movie review)

              2014 December 10
              by emma

              the babadook

              Remember being frightened as a kid of monsters under the bed or the boogeyman?

              Well The Babadook is so much scarier than that!

              Brilliantly executed in a stark, genuinely creepy way, this old-school psychological horror movie about a widow and her difficult relationship with her troubled son reminded me of Tim Burton, the Exorcist and the Haunting (1963) all at once, but in it’s own right, is a seriously twisted, magical house of horrors, relying mostly on our own imagination instead of the usual obvious gory stuff we get these days.  It seemed to draw me in while I was watching, making me feel the way the characters felt and there wasn’t a neatly tied resolution at the end, ambiguity being the central theme.  I love proper horror movies like this, they never go out of style (although drinking a cup of tea while watching probably not a good idea, not to mention I found it hard to turn the lights off and go to sleep that night!).

              As brilliantly acted and executed as this film is, unfortunately it didn’t go well on Australian release, shameful really but has been raved about in the US and other countries, thanks to Sundance screening, and has a sort of cult appeal now.  Can’t tell if either annoying cultural cringe or not enough publicity, as it was apparently only shown in 13 local cinemas, (or maybe it’s a bit of both).  We make awesome movies here; I love hearing Aussie accents and seeing familiar places in our movies, we have our own unique culture and talents which should be celebrated more.

              Maybe the fact that this movie now has the American stamp of approval will give it more local credibility, I don’t know.  You could say this movie is one of Australia’s best kept secrets or you could say a it’s a bloody shame as it’s the best horror to come along in a while.



              Promotional images belong to the movie: The Babadook, Australia, 2014, Smoking Gun Productions

                Chocolate, salted peanut & maple caramel slice

                2014 December 7
                by emma

                Are we sick of salty caramel things yet?  I hope this particular trend isn’t over because this slice is pretty epic; a dialled up version of old fashioned caramel slice to which I added some salted peanuts and a bit of maple (for a gluten-free version, see Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life).

                This is a great recipe for Christmas because you can take it to work or give it to some lovely people as gifts and it’s one of those decadent things you don’t feel guilty having around the holidays.

                caramel slice
                caramel slice
                caramel peanut slice
                caramel slice
                caramel slice
                caramel slice
                caramel slice
                caramel slice
                caramel slice
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                  Black sticky rice antioxidant breakfast bowl

                  2014 December 5

                  Remember the black sticky rice pudding I made a while back?  Well lately, due to hot mornings and such, I’ve been cooking black glutinous rice and storing it in the fridge it for breakfasts for the next day or two and serving it with maple syrup, Greek yoghurt and berries.  It’s a really convenient breakfast if you make the rice the day before and it’s full of healthy, energy-giving ingredients and not only that, it tasted lovely, with lots of vanilla flavour and natural sweetness.

                  black sticky rice antioxidant breakfast

                  black sticky rice antioxidant breakfast

                  black sticky rice antioxidant breakfast

                  black sticky rice antioxidant bowl
                  black sticky rice antioxidant breakfast

                  black sticky rice breakfast

                  black sticky rice antioxidant breakfast
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                    Time lapsing (some awesome videos to check out)

                    2014 December 3
                    by emma

                    Time lapse photography/film is so trippy isn’t it?  I’ve a few videos below I found recently, of places I want to travel to.  Like a lot of Australians, I’m wildly attracted to pure, clean, coldness in countries such as our neighbour New Zealand and Scandinavia.

                    Have a look, they’ll give you an incredible sense of perspective and are so achingly beautiful.

                    Videos from:
                    Rustad Media
                    NN Photography
                    Martin Heck