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Get On Up (2014)

2014 July 31
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by emma

I’m waiting excitedly to see Get On Up, about the life of James Brown, produced by Mick Jagger and starring Dan Aykroyd (who also starred in The Blues Brothers so hello, another brilliant movie).  Like a lot of Gen Xers, mostly thanks to my parents, I love rhythm & blues artists like James, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles.  It’s where all the music we listen to comes from after all!  And rhythm & blues has so much historical and social relevance, modern music can’t compare.  And why is it that wherever I am, no matter how far before my time this music is, if I hear any of these songs, I know all the words?!

Released in August (for the USA anyway, not sure about the rest of us although I did read somewhere it was early 2015 for Australia (come on!)).


Image of James via: Get On Up movie

    Hannah and Landon

    2014 July 29
    by emma

    I love the dreamy, vintage and charming style of Hannah @ Hannah and Landon, a clothing designer and photographer who resides in New York and LA.  And there’s a shop!  A very very nice one called The Loved One so check it out via the links or images below.

    Oh and that kitty mask!




    Store items I covet:

    kitty mask

    kitty hood

    Ballet Pink Fuego Bottoms

    Sisal Hat with Orange Flowers

    Stealing Beauty Blouse

    All images belong to and used with kind permission from Hannah Metz

      Savoury & spicy pumpkin loaf (vegan)

      2014 July 27

      I often make sweet baked loaves, in fact, they’re a staple in our freezer for morning teas and things.

      But the other day I thought about making a savoury loaf, a type of quick bread, something spicy and warm to have on cold mornings with butter or with a bowl of steamy hot soup.  So because I’ve been cooking with pumpkin a lot lately (2 more recipes coming up), I whipped up a roast pumpkin loaf with chilli, a few spices and a decent hit of rosemary.  Soft yet fairly dense and a beautifully warm colour, I loved the spicy, savoury flavour with a hint of sweetness and the texture is substantial enough to have for a quick lunch with butter on it’s own.

      spicy pumpkin loaf

      spicy pumpkin loaf

      spicy pumpkin loaf

      spicy pumpkin loaf

      spicy pumpkin loaf
      butternut pumpkin
      spicy pumpkin loaf
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        2014 July 25
        by emma

        Have a good weekend all ♥


          Brown butter toasted cheese sandwiches

          2014 July 23
          by emma

          I was reading a book in bed the other night and one of the characters made toasted cheese sarnies but in browned butter!  Genius.  It’s super tasty, even more so than a plain toasted cheese, which is one of my favourite things to eat in the whole world except for hot chips.

          toasted sarnie

          brown butter toasted sarnie

          toasted sarnie

          So I got to it.  It’s basically this: read more…

            Chilli cheese burgers

            2014 July 20
            by emma

            I love a good burger!  I don’t know if I’ve ever said on here (probably but then I have a tendency to repeat myself) but years ago, when I was in my late teens, I became a vegetarian for around 5 years.  I really didn’t miss meat at all except for the odd bit of fish, but one day I went out for lunch with my dad and the menu had a burger and chips with the works on offer.  I remember saying, I really feel like a burger dad!  So I ordered this massive burger bigger than my head, ate the whole thing and that was that.  Five years of vegetarianism down the drain!

            Ok I still eat mainly vegie now (it’s healthy and like a lot of people, I prefer it) but can’t really commit to being a vegetarian completely as I’d miss those classics like burgers and roast chicken.

            So these burgers are pretty basic although I like to add little bits and pieces like diced olives and sweet chilli sauce to step things up a bit; I made ours pretty thick and cooked them a bit slower so they turned out juicy and full of flavour.  One thing I’ve learned from making meatballs and rissoles is that you need to season really well, more than you usually would in this day and age of reducing salt intake.  The melted cheese and spicy tomato sauce with a few pieces of frilly lettuce on a fluffy burger bun was a hearty lunch on a recent long weekend.

            chilli cheeseburgers

            chilli cheese burgers

            chilli cheeseburgers

            chilli cheese burgers
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              Happy Friday

              2014 July 18

              Haha!  This made me laugh when I saw it on Orange is the New Black the other day.

              Happy Friday all.

              Video from

                Bioglan Superfoods Project

                2014 July 17
                by emma

                bioglan projectOh hi!

                I entered a competition yesterday called the Bioglan Superfoods Project I thought some people might be interested in.

                Run by Bioglan, a company specialising in super food products and vitamins (you’ve probably seen the ad on TV), you have until 31 August to submit a superfood recipe or health conscious social media page to be in the running for heaps of prizes or the chance to be included in an upcoming superfoods cookbook and guide which will be Australia’s first crowd sourced cookery book of that type.  I entered my cacao avo mousse if anyone wants to have a sticky beak.

                The entries/recipes will be judged on content by a specialist panel and there are a few important entry details you need to know, such as ingredients to be included, so check it out here if you’re interested and good luck!

                  Socks & heels

                  2014 July 16
                  by emma

                  This look is pretty specific, it’s not really the same as walking down the shops in your birks and socks.

                  Although how comfy does that sound … (for some reason it reminds me of swot vac week at uni when my housemates and I would wander down to the 7-Eleven for supplies wearing our pjs and god knows what else).

                  Anyway, you really need to rock the high heels, candy or sparkly colours with some serious attitude.  I mean even though I couldn’t get away with this look, I really love how it looks in photos, so cute!

                  Images from/via:
                  Shop til You Drop
                  The Olive Shoppe 
                  Pin Style
                  Shop Hers 

                    Broccoli with chilli, garlic, lemon & toasted walnuts

                    2014 July 13

                    broccoli with chilli, lemon & garlic
                    I mean I like broccoli; green, crunchy, good for you but it’s not exactly the most exciting food on the planet to prepare or eat, so finding a way to dress up ye olde steamed broccoli is always good.  The classic flavours of chilli, garlic and lemon go brilliantly with this rustic vegie and I’m guessing even the most hardened of broccoli haters wouldn’t mind eating it this way.  Adding a bit of Parmesan and a handful of toasted walnuts added some extra flavour and crunchiness.

                    This is a great side with steak, Atlantic salmon or chicken although I have to admit to eating a bowl of this on it’s own for lunch.  I felt quite annoyingly smug for the rest of the day!

                    chilli lemon broccoli

                    lemon chilli garlic broccoli

                    head garlic

                    chilli lemon broccoli
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