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Play Misty For Me (1971)

2015 April 1
by emma

Play Misty For MeAs someone who loves old movies before my time, I felt I had to talk about one of my favourites; Clint Eastwood’s 1971 directorial debut (and starring in), Play Misty For Me.

Set in California’s beautiful Carmel and Monterey (always nostalgic for me because I spent some time in that area with my mum’s family when I was a kid), it’s the original creepy stalker/psychotic obsession movie.  Even though it’s obviously, yet pleasantly, dated, I’ve always appreciated the classic spookiness of it, the iconic 1970s California culture, the historical perspective and the incredible (and familiar) scenery.  It also features the hauntingly lovely song, Roberta Flack’s The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face and music from the Monterey Jazz Festival, both of which are an awesome bonus.

I genuinely, sincerely and desperately hope there’s never a remake.

Play Misty For Me Play Misty For Me Play Misty For Me Play Misty For Me Play Misty For Me Play Misty For Me Play Misty For Me Play Misty For Me Play Misty For Me

Images from the movie: Play Misty For Me, 1971, USA, Universal Pictures

    Pizza Margherita (and a great pizza base recipe)

    2015 March 29

    If I’m honest, my favourite pizza lately is really simple; home made tomato sauce with basil and mozzarella.  A few kalamata olives scattered over add a welcome touch of saltiness.

    I’ve made pizza bases before although it’s not a regular thing; I’ve finally come up with a recipe I’m really happy with though – chewy and crusty with just the right amount of thickness and so much nicer and more authentic than the store-bought ones.  Oh and it can be frozen really well if you want to double or triple the ingredients – see the note under the recipe for how-to.  The sauce is a basic marinara sauce but cooked down until almost relish-like in texture; spicy, naturally sweet and also easily frozen.


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      Cocktail Fridays: French martini

      2015 March 27
      by emma

      These are a great little drop.  I originally made them as per the recipe, as in a bit stronger at 45mls voddie for each drink and with a lot less pineapple juice, but I was like, ok I’m drunk! after only a couple of sips so responsibly lessened the amount to a shot each and more juice.  They are lovely though, the pineapple and berry flavours coming through in a sweet way.

      Happy Friday!

      french martini recipe

      french martini

      french martini

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        Woodland flourless chocolate cake

        2015 March 22

        woodland snowy cake l a splash of vanilla

        I spotted a magical cake recently and for fun, really wanted to recreate my own; I then became sucked into a vortex of cuteness on Etsy and before I knew it, I’d purchased a few woodland animal figurines for Christmas decorations.  You’ll probably be seeing them perched randomly on top of cakes and things down the track.

        So to celebrate my favourite season Autumn heading into Easter (even though it’s raining here, it’s still stupidly hot and stormy and I have to pretend I live in Alaska and it’s making me stabby), I made an intense flourless chocolate cake dolloped with snowy cream for these little critters to perch on; darkly chocolate and almost mousse-like when it’s still a little warm, then becoming more dense the longer it sits.  It would actually make a gorgeous yet totally different Easter dessert or Christmas cake, especially with some sweet decorations.

        The cream is a light, fluffy, cool contrast to the rich, deep chocolate and works really well.  I also really appreciate how pretty very dark cakes are, topped with white icing or cream.

        woodland chocolate cake l a splash of vanilla

        woodland chocolate cake l a splash of vanilla
        woodland fairy cake l a splash of vanilla
        woodland chocolate cake l a splash of vanilla
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          The Theory of Everything

          2015 March 20
          by emma

          Such a beautiful, fascinating movie.  Watch it if you haven’t!  Sometimes I feel a bit gloomy about recent movies, a couple of years back I wasn’t really happy with anything I watched.  Lately though, there’s been some great movies out, including this one with two such believable, sympathetic leads.  Honestly, after having been a registered nurse for years, I find it hard to believe Eddie Redmayne doesn’t actually have motor neurone disease, he was so convincing.

          And have tissues just nearby, it’s touching, very very British and puts things into perspective (and doesn’t sugar-coat the challenges).

          Images belong to the movie: The Theory of Everything, UK, 2014, Working Title Films

            St Patrick’s Day Baileys Irish Cream chocolate mousse pie (egg-free)

            2015 March 17
            by emma

            This luscious, fluffy, super easy chocolate mousse pie with a sinful hint of Baileys is just the thing for today.  I recommend making them in ramekins rather than glasses though, because they’ll be a bit easier to eat (I incurred a food related injury trying to get at the biscuit base with a spoon), but I just wanted to show you all the creamy, rich mousse.  Also, I used the original Baileys however if you can get your hands on some Baileys Chocolat Luxe, that would be brilliant!

            Happy St Paddy’s Day all :)

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              Rachel Khoo’s Teriyaki salmon steamed buns

              2015 March 15

              I’m absolutely obsessed with dumplings and buns and grab them from our food trucks when I can.  So when I received Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook in the mail recently, I immediately zeroed in on this steamed bun recipe in amongst the other delicious looking dishes in this gorgeous cookery book.  You’ll need a bamboo steamer to make the buns (I have one but hardly ever use it, I’m so happy to find an easy recipe for steamed buns I think I’ll get a lot more use out of it now and anyway, you can pick up steamers super cheaply from Asian supermarkets and such).

              These are really worth making!  The marinade is so spicy, sweet and sticky with the rich salmon, crisp salad and the beautifully soft, pillowy buns encasing everything.  So basically, Ant and I stood at the kitchen counter and scarfed them down because they were that good.


               Rachel Khoo Rachel Khoo

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                Cocktail Fridays: vintage champagne cocktail

                2015 March 13
                by emma

                We had these on New Year’s (revisiting a cocktail recipe from a few year’s back).  Just add a splash of Limoncello to a champagne glass, top with whichever sparkly you like and add a glace cherry.

                Happy Friday!




                  David Lynch: Between Two Worlds @ QAGOMA

                  2015 March 11
                  by emma


                  Being young in the 90s and a film buff, I’m a massive David Lynch fan and have watched most of his movies (including Eraserhead which I saw at the Old Dendy back in the day when it was a cool, studenty cinema which you had to walk up a dark, unpopulated street to get to, and where there were always all types of weird patrons, er, including me and my friends I suppose!).  Anyway, was excited to spot this upcoming exhibition at GOMA a while back, which includes David Lynch’s films, art and music and it looks so awesome, I can’t stand it.

                  David Lynch: Between Two Worlds goes from 14 March to 7th June and you’ll need to buy tickets.

                  First and last mages from: QAGOMA
                  Movie images from: Inland Empire, 2006, USA/France/Poland, David Lynch; Lost Highway, 1997, USA/France, David Lynch; Eraserhead, 1977, USA, David Lynch; Blue Velvet, 1986, USA, David Lynch

                    On figs

                    2015 March 11
                    by emma

                    I couldn’t let fig season go by without a couple more photos of the prettiest fruit around.  And in case you’re wondering – the below is rolled oats, figs, raspberries, Greek yoghurt, salted pistachios & honey (although delicious, I genuinely felt bad about digging into this, it’s a natural work of art).

                    oats with figs