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Roast pumpkin, walnut & feta quiche

June 7 2015
by emma

I suddenly felt like roast vegie quiche the other day after seeing a frozen one at the supermarket, and decided to do some roasting.  There’s a bit of faffing about with quiche, making the pastry, cooking vegies, etc but it’s worth it as long as you use a big enough tin.  I can’t say this enough, as someone who far more than I want to admit, has ended up with way more egg filling than would fit in the tin.

Anyway, naturally I used one of those little enamel hipster pie tins which was way too small, so use a fairly deep pie or quiche tin and you should be right.

As expected, the combination of sweet roast pumpkin and savoury feta cheese was delicious!  Adding some rosemary, toasted walnuts, onion & garlic made this a great lunch and we had heaps for the next couple of days.  I’m seriously starting to add walnuts to everything, it’s becoming ridiculous so feel free to leave them out however I do like the texture and flavour of them in the creamy quiche filling.

The quiche paired really well with a crunchy salad full of baby kale and cherry toms.
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    Happy Friday

    June 5 2015
    by emma

    Have a lovely long weekend all.

    still life winter 2015

      Peanut butter chocolate chunk muffins

      May 31 2015

      These are so easy to whip up.  I love how the chocolate chunks were all melty warm from the oven.

      I used a friand tin to make them a bit fancier but a normal muffin tin will do.
















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        Happy Friday

        May 29 2015
        by emma

        Because I like cups of tea.

          Amy (2015)

          May 27 2015
          by emma

          I really like the look of the Amy doco.  Amy’s life (and untimely death) reminds me of Janis Joplin quite a bit.  To think of such a beautiful voice and soul being gone too soon is so sad to me.


          Image from: Pitchfork
          Video from: Movie Clips Trailers

            Apple caramel brioche pudding

            May 22 2015
            by emma

            caramel apple brioche pudding So I whipped up an autumn inspired luscious squidgy pudding full of caramel, apples, cream and brioche.  So good with thick cream!

















            caramel apple brioche pudding

            caramel apple brioche pudding
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              Goodbye Mad Men, it’s been sweet

              May 18 2015
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              by emma

              Well I don’t know about anyone else but I went through so many tissues for the last ep!  Am a very sad panda now.

              And here’s to Betty Draper.  I know some people disliked her but she had so much depth and despite (or maybe because of) her many faults, I loved her, plus she was fabulous.  For so many reasons, Betty reminded me of my own mum who was born probably 15 years after Betty; being a product of her time and with the expectations and limitations of that time, she lived the only way she knew and was often misunderstood.

              I’ll really miss this brilliant show which has been a part of my life for 9 years (!).

              tumblr_mjmt5i6nbh1roohieo1_1280tumblr_m9yr8bqMP61r17y54o1_1280 betty_draper_shooting_the_pigeons_86429969 mad-men3 enhanced-buzz-16500-1360200311-0 tumblr_m6m4br7m0f1r17y54o1_1280mm201d-bets 7846be3a031dfd56777128f3ab2f36c8 tumblr_m6b688PD7O1r17y54o1_1280 tumblr_mad4szKZI81r17y54o1_1280 tumblr_m4z4tjbyZ71r17y54o1_r1_1280 tumblr_n1zho4DhFC1r17y54o1_1280



              All images from TV series: Mad Men, 2007-2015, USA, Lionsgate Television, Weiner Bros., American Movie Classics (AMC)

                Happy Friday

                May 15 2015
                by emma

                Some interesting buildings nearby.  Have an awesome weekend all.


                  Chocolate cashew butter

                  May 10 2015

                  chocolate cashew butter

                  Nut butter is fascinating to make – it starts off sort of crumbly then becomes this lovely butter if you process it for long enough.   Although, I have this paranoia about having the food processor on for too long and it’ll blow up or something .. can this happen?!  If you have a high powered food processor, blending it for 15 minutes or so will give it an even creamier texture (I don’t have one of those so mine’s a bit more rustic).

                  Anyway, I made this last week to have with buttered sour dough toast for breakfast and it was lovely with a not-too-sweet chocolate flavour.

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                    The Only Way is Up

                    May 8 2015
                    by emma


                    Just try not dancing to this awesome 80s track!   Happy Friday.

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                    Youtube video from