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Happy Friday

May 1 2015
by emma

Have a lovely weekend all.

(some of my old Europe photos cropped and shopped a bit)

    The Game (2014)

    April 29 2015
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    by emma

    If anyone hasn’t watched the brilliant, underrated BBC show The Game, you really should.  I’m in the middle of this 6 part, British, historical, cold war mini series set in 1972; it’s wonderfully acted and fascinating to watch.

    The filming of this really gets to me.  There’s so much more to historical TV or movies than slapping on a few era appropriate clothes and hair; the detail, props, camera work and colours are so important and The Game does this particularly well.  I love how some of the camera work is slightly amateurish, just like it was in the 70s (the suspenseful music and camera slowly panning out in the more paranoid, tense moments, for example), the perfect framing of scenes, the minimalist but excellent props and sets and the muted vintage film tones.  I’m a bit nerdy when it comes to film and tend to notice stuff like this so don’t mind me!

    Also, I love anything from this era so much and anything espionage related always reels me in.

    The Game BBC The Game The Game BBC The Game BBC

    All images belong to and are from mini series: The Game, BBC One & BBC America, UK, 2014

      Lentil salad with toasted walnuts & feta

      April 27 2015

      I spotted an easy, tasty looking lentil salad some time back by David Lebovitz via Ann’s blog.  This is simple, healthy, full of flavour and easy to whip up for for work lunches, particularly if you already have the cooked lentils in the freezer, as I did.
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        The Cure – The Lovecats

        April 24 2015
        by emma

        The Lovecats by The Cure

        Love love LOVE this song.  The Cure ♥

        Record cover single of The Lovecats by The Cure and via Pennylane
        Video from: TheCureVEVO

          Sticky lemon coconut ginger buns with lemon cream cheese icing

          April 19 2015

          I spotted these spectacular sticky buns on Pinterest the other day and had an overwhelming desire to eat one, then and there.  So I had a go at making some of my own with quite a few changes, as you do, and found the lemon, ginger and coconut flavours something quite special and the bun almost brioche-like.  So rich and squidgy!

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            Film Friday

            April 17 2015

            A few old photos I found recently while digging out my photo albums.

            Happy Friday!

              The Affair (Showtime) & Bloodline (Netflix)

              April 15 2015
              by emma

              So basically my life now is waiting for season 2 of both these awesome series; drama/mystery The Affair and drama/thriller Bloodline.

              Our very own Ben Mendelsohn is so bloody amazing in Bloodline, it’s worth watching just for him.  Both shows should be massively cheesy (affair, marriage breakdowns and murder in the Hamptons + family secrets, black sheep son returning and recriminations = not exactly unchartered TV territory) and yet, both are brilliantly acted and played out.

              Watch them if you have a chance!

              Images are from and belong to TV series:  Bloodline, Netflix, USA (2015) and The Affair, Showtime, USA (2015)

                Nigella Lawson’s Tuscan fries

                April 12 2015
                by emma

                I spotted these on Nigellissima the other day and realised I hadn’t made proper deep fried chips in years (normally I make ye olde oven baked chips).  Anyway … the difference between these and the ones mum used to make (in two batches, twice frying them – delicious), is that these ones go into cold oil which is then turned to a high simmer.  You’d think they’d be soggy old oily things but no, they’re just as crispy outside and wonderfully fluffy inside as mum’s chips but with Tuscan herb flavours, lemon and a decent sprinkle of sea salt.  Also, you don’t need to land the chips into boiling hot oil!  I mean I wouldn’t make these that often what with using up a huge amount of oil for one recipe but they’re fun to make on a weekend.  Also, there’s not much better food than hot chips, whether oven baked or fried hey?!

                Re: the oil wastage, when I was a kid my mum use to re-use cooking oil a few times, cooling then straining it after each use, isn’t that scandalous?!  I did this also right up to after I left uni in the late 90s when the powers that be decided that re-using oil was incredibly bad for you and to never ever do it.  How did we survive the 80s?  Hah.
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                  Happy Friday

                  April 10 2015
                  by emma

                  Have a lovely weekend all!



                    Nadja à Paris

                    April 8 2015
                    by emma

                    Nadja Tesich

                    I spotted this little gem the other day – a delightful short film by French new wave director Éric Rohmer, which follows a young university exchange student, Nadja Tesich, in 1960s Paris.  Nadja narrates her way around her favourite haunts in Paris doing the simplest of things; running through a sunny park, people watching from a coffee shop, chatting with her intellectual friends in a café on the Left Bank, then spending the day walking around the working class suburb of Belleville to gain some perspective from her usual student life, wading through a stream in bare feet, eating at a patisserie for lunch, drinking a glass of red wine at a bar in the afternoon while chatting to the patrons, or wandering around an art gallery.  As the article says, this film is for Paris dreamers.

                    I love this little film because whenever I’ve travelled, my most favourite adventures are just like this – enjoyable day-to-day activities you fancy the locals might do, people watching being the very best thing of all when you’re away from home.


                    Image from: IMCDB
                    Short film via: MessynessyChic and by Éric Rohmer