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Footloose tribute

2014 March 24
by emma


Hah, loved this so much!  Go Kevin.

Top image from movie: Footloose, 1984, USA, Paramount Pictures
Video is the property of the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

    Raspberry apple crumble

    2014 March 23
    by emma

    raspberry apple crumble

    It’s sort of moving into crumble weather, cooler in the mornings and such and the apples are quite nice lately so I thought I’d throw together a crumble.  Fruit crumble is such an easy dessert and with this one, you’ll end up with sweet yet tart, sticky fruit in a rich, beautifully coloured sauce and a buttery, crunchy topping – I don’t usually wax lyrical about my own cooking but this was so gorgeous hot with cold, thick cream you guys!  I had it three days in a row and still wasn’t sick of it.

    This crumble also has a great crumb -v- fruit ratio, which I loved (I was unintentionally generous with the crumble, this one’s more like a biscuit topping – fabulous!).  This makes a lot of dessert but does keep for a  few days in the fridge and it’s always lovely heated up for breakfast with Greek yoghurt.

    granny smiths

    raspberry crumble

    raspberry crumble

    raspberry crumble

    raspberry crumble

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      Charlotte Rampling

      2014 March 21
      by emma

      I’ve always really liked the coolly enigmatic British actress Charlotte Rampling; she’s often in disturbing yet fascinating movies (and I love that, in Britain at least, female actors are still going strong in decent roles as they become older).  Some of her movies I’ve seen lately include:

      Swimming Pool (trailer below)
      Never Let Me Go
      I, Anna
      Restless (TV)

      I really want to see some of her earlier 60s/70s stuff as well.

      Have a happy weekend.

      Video from: Carsten Jokumsen
      Images via: Independent

        Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

        2014 March 20
        by emma

        I must get back to GOMA soon, it’s been too long.  Such a lovely, calm place where I always feel at home, I feel nothing bad can happen while I’m wandering around here.

        Some current and upcoming exhibitions I’m keen on (click on the links to go to the original source/exhibition):

        And there’s a lovely shop!

        All images are the property of Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

          These boots are made for walkin’

          2014 March 18
          by emma

          I saw a cover of this on Love Child last night and wanted to listen to the original.


          Nancy Sinatra

          Image of album cover, Nancy Sinatra via: CD and LP
          Video belongs to: weissebrauen

            St Patrick’s Day – the green smoothie

            2014 March 16

            green smoothie

            I had grand ideas of making a chocolate Guinness cake for St Patrick’s Day but ran out of time.  Instead, I thought I’d go off the beaten track and offer this green smoothie I made recently which is such a lovely green colour, it seemed serendipitous, despite being devoid of butter, cream, potatoes or Guinness

            I’ve been seeing a lot of green smoothies around lately; packed full of spinach or kale, fruit and filtered water and such.  I love my greens but also feel we should be eating more raw vegies so this type of smoothie appealed to me, particularly first thing in the morning.

            I don’t know what I was expecting from the flavour other than perhaps being a bit bitter because of the greens however it wasn’t; the creamy texture and subtle sweetness of this was really appealing and it had a slight spicy aftertaste (the kale or kiwi maybe?).  it wasn’t super sweet but then, like a lot of people, I’m trying to reduce my sugar intake on most days.    It’s not the same as a dessert-like banana or berry smoothie, let’s face it, but I felt so smug after drinking it due to it’s extreme heart healthy qualities.

            Oh and you can leave the skins on the kiwi fruit if you want but no matter how many times I read that the skin has super antioxidants etc, it just gives me the hebejebes.  And I initially wanted to use avocado instead of the banana but I didn’t have one ripe, I think next time I’ll try that.

            the green smoothie

            green smoothiegreen smoothie

            green smoothie

            green smoothiegreen smoothie

            green smoothie

            green smoothie

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              Some music for today; Deadstar’s Deeper Water

              2014 March 14

              This song by 90s band Deadstar brings back so many memories.

              Happy Friday.

                Chai spice strawberry crumb cake

                2014 March 12
                by emma

                chai strawb cake

                So I made a cake a while back.  I am very fond of cake however don’t make them that often because I tend to go overboard and have two pieces in one go.  The spices in this cake are lovely and reminiscent of Chai flavours with fresh strawberries and a crunchy topping.

                This cake is really nice on its own; fluffy and high but I think a dollop of thick cream on top would be even better.  There aren’t a huge amount of strawberries, just enough for a bite or two of fresh, sticky sweetness on the base.  You could, obviously, disperse them throughout the cake like I usually do however I love how jammy and sticky the fruit became on the base of this cake.

                chai strawb cakechai strawb cake

                chai strawb cake

                chai strawb cake

                chai strawb cake


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                  True Detective

                  2014 March 10
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                  by emma

                  Has anyone seen the latest offering from HBO, True Detective?  We saw the last episode tonight and it was an epic finale to an absolutely brilliant, very dark series depicting two detectives in Louisiana played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, sort of southern gothic I guess you might call it (can’t say much more than that without giving it away, you really just have to watch it from beginning to end).

                  For those of you who have seen it, I found a pre Oscars parody which is very funny (but not safe for work or little ears as there’s quite a lot of swearing and such) and underneath is the trailer.  Totally recommended!

                  *Photo is an old film photo taken by my dad
                  First video belongs to Jon Rudnitsky
                  Second video belongs to HBO

                    Ham and cheese pasta bake

                    2014 March 9
                    by emma

                    So I had a heap of leftover ham from Christmas which I froze because there was so much food, we didn’t get to it.  I couldn’t see ourselves eating ham sandwiches for the next 4 months so decided to make a massive cheesy bake thing a while back.

                    ham cheese bake

                    The amount in this recipe seems a lot of ham because well, basically it is, but that’s how’s much we had in the freezer after it was trimmed; feel free to use less if you prefer; it made for a pretty rich dish with creamy cheese sauce and a crunchy topping – what’s not to like about that?  Ant loved it, so I suspect this is more of a bloke’s dish which I don’t usually do so I’m happy about that, both for Ant’s sake who has to suffer through a lot of vegie/vegan dishes and for any fellows who might be reading.

                    That said, you could easily make this vegetarian by leaving out the ham and adding more vegies and perhaps a handful of chopped walnuts.

                    ham cheese bakeham cheese bake

                    ham cheese bake

                    ham cheese bake ingredients

                    cheese herb saucecheese herb sauce

                    ham cheese bakeham cheese bake

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