Sticky date raw muesli

April 10 2016

a splash of vanilla l sticky date raw muesli
I know toasted muesli is super popular and I really like it myself, but there’s just something so wholesome about raw muesli.  Combined with dates, spices and golden syrup, this muesli has a nutty, chewy texture and is reminiscent of sticky date pudding.

Because of the dates, this is quite high in sugar, so you could think of it as one serve of fruit if you like.

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Easter mini carrot layer cake with cream cheese icing

March 20 2016

Mini carrot layer cake l a splash of vanillaCarrot cake always reminds me of the uni refect, 2nd year.  The vegetarian café I’d often go to served the best carrot cake with lashings of cream cheese icing and good coffee.  I’d kid myself that carrot cake was good for me, what with all the carrots and walnuts and things.

However.  After stacking on 10kg, I realised all that carrot cake (and chips, beer etc) wasn’t really doing my waistline any good so I had to cut back and start doing real exercise instead of just clubbing all night and playing pool all day ak I remember my student nursing uniforms feeling tight and becoming very gloomy over it, especially after an elderly female patient kindly told me I was a sturdy girl.

I think it’s unfair to blame the carrot cake though and I’ll always have fond memories of it, so here’s my version in a mini form for more, ahem, portion control.  It has that lovely soft, spicy texture and flavour you expect from a carrot cake and I didn’t skimp on the cream cheese icing.

It’s appropriate for Easter too if that’s your thing (carrots = bunnies = Easter).
Mini carrot layer cake l a splash of vanilla Mini carrot layer cake l a splash of vanilla
Mini carrot layer cake l a splash of vanilla

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Whisk & Pin product review (Cranberry & Orange Organic Pancake Mix)

February 28 2016

Whisk & Pin organic orange cranberry pancake mix l a splash of vanilla

When I hashtagged Whisk & Pin in on the above photo on Instagram, they asked if I’d like to do a review and I said of course!

I’ve been a regular customer of Blue Mountains gourmet food company Whisk & Pin for quite a few years now – they boast both a store and an online company and are a very reliable and friendly crew.  They sell products such as baking mixes, a variety of dried fruits, cookies, gluten-free goods, tea, jam, gift hampers and chocolate, including rocky road.  Among other items, I can vouch for the rocky road a thousand times (t’s so good it’s evil) and I’ve also purchased a gluten free hamper as a gift for a family member, and they loved it.

So I a whipped up a serious stack recently, which you can see above, using their cranberry & orange organic pancake mix and they were beautifully fluffy with a distinct orange flavour and pieces of cranberries throughout.  I used buttermilk to make mine and piled them with heaps of summer fruit and maple syrup, it made for a super decadent breakfast.


I was asked to do this review by Whisk & Pin via one of my images spotted on Instagram. All opinions are mine.