Baked sweet potatoes with spicy lemon chickpeas

July 5 2015

You guys, these are so good!

And you might think lemon and sweet potato are an odd pairing but actually, the zesty lemon works really well with the sweet, creamy potato, particularly with spices.  This is a bit of a fancy take on the baked potato with topping I usually make, and it made for a hearty, super delicious and comforting lunch-time dish.










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Love Wins

July 3 2015
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rainbow flag love

So we all know that last Friday, 26th June 2015 the US Supreme Court handed down a historical ruling in favour of same sex marriage (I loved the White House all lit up in rainbow colours in honour of the decision, so beautiful and fearless!  I can’t imagine our current government doing anything like this).

And even though I’m Australian, I think this decision is significant for us and for all other countries too.  Let’s do this Australia.

And, random I know, but have a gander if you feel like watching the 10 greatest lip sync scenes in pop culture, because who doesn’t love a good lip sync on a Friday.  Happy weekend!

Soft & fluffy wholemeal blueberry oat streusel muffins

June 28 2015

blueberry oat muffins l a splash of vanillaThese rustic muffins are relatively healthy and wholesome and I gave them a fluffy texture by using wholemeal cake flour (basically just cornflour added to plain wholemeal – makes for a really soft crumb but with added fibre and such).

These are packed with blueberries and a bit spicy with a light crunchy topping; they’re just the thing for morning tea.

blueberry oat muffins l a splash of vanilla

blueberry oat muffins l a splash of vanilla
blueberry oat muffins
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Happy Friday (and Glastonbury the Movie)

June 26 2015

I spotted this trailer for Glastonbury the Movie in Flashback recently (initial release in 1996 and re-released in 2012 with extra footage) and it looks brilliant.  As the official site says, this is old school early 90s Glastonbury, before mobile phones and social networking, when it was all about the music.

Fun times for those who were there!  Have a great weekend all.


Images and trailer from: Glastonbury the Movie in Flashback

Fruit & sunflower seed chilli sea salt chocolate bark

June 14 2015

This is stupidly easy but the end result is so gorgeously wicked. With just a few steps, you end up with a generous slab of chocolate studded with whatever treats you like.

I loved the jewel like appearance and chewiness of the dried fruit with some crunch from sunflower seeds (well basically I used what I had in the fridge but that’s the beauty of this).  In a moment of sheer genius (hah) I thought to add some chilli flakes to the melted chocolate and it added a very subtle spicy base flavour which was really quite delicious with some sea salt.  But both are optional and obviously you could add anything you like.  This would make a wonderful gift for somebody too.

Naturally I ate too much!







Chocolate bark with dried fruit, sunflower seeds, sea salt & chilli l a splash of vanilla

Chocolate bark with dried fruit, sunflower seeds, sea salt & chilli l a splash of vanilla

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Queensland Art Gallery – David Lynch: Between Two Worlds

June 10 2015

So we went to see Dave’s exhibition last weekend and it was ace!  Typically we went on the very last day but there were still heaps of people so probably just as well.

His paintings and drawings in particular are so trippy, weird and beautiful (although some are quite confronting).  Here are some piccies if you want to see, or if you didn’t get to go.

Roast pumpkin, walnut & feta quiche

June 7 2015

I suddenly felt like roast vegie quiche the other day after seeing a frozen one at the supermarket, and decided to do some roasting.  There’s a bit of faffing about with quiche, making the pastry, cooking vegies, etc but it’s worth it as long as you use a big enough tin.  I can’t say this enough, as someone who far more than I want to admit, has ended up with way more egg filling than would fit in the tin.

Anyway, naturally I used one of those little enamel hipster pie tins which was way too small, so use a fairly deep pie or quiche tin and you should be right.

As expected, the combination of sweet roast pumpkin and savoury feta cheese was delicious!  Adding some rosemary, toasted walnuts, onion & garlic made this a great lunch and we had heaps for the next couple of days.  I’m seriously starting to add walnuts to everything, it’s becoming ridiculous so feel free to leave them out however I do like the texture and flavour of them in the creamy quiche filling.

The quiche paired really well with a crunchy salad full of baby kale and cherry toms.
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