Fairy floss ice cream trifles with macerated strawberries, lemon curd & meringue

December 30 2015
by emma

Mmmm health food!

Haha face-icon-small-happy but anyway, I put these super easy, beautiful trifles together for the Christmas/holiday season.  I mean I wouldn’t do this sort of thing outside of celebration times but for a fun dessert, they look so whimsical and cute and well, just a little OTT.  As with the lemon cake I posted the other day, I used some beautiful edible flowers to jazz them up a bit.

I’ll be honest though and say that, despite having a sweet tooth, fairy floss is way too teeth achingly sweet for me to have a huge amount of it.  I went crazy with it for the decorative effect though as it’s really cheap and you can buy it from lolly shops and such.

This is a fairly rustic recipe in that I haven’t added actual amounts or anything but you know, it’s trifle, you can pile in whatever you like really (although I wouldn’t recommend Rachel’s trifle, hah).

Fairy floss trifle l a splash of vanilla

Recipe for fairy floss ice cream trifles with macerated strawberries, lemon curd & meringue:

Macerated strawberries:
Fresh strawberries, diced
Vanilla sugar or white caster sugar + vanilla bean paste

Good vanilla bean ice-cream
Vanilla flavoured meringues, crumbled
Good store bought lemon curd

Fairy floss
Edible flowers
Cake toppers, glitter, small lollies

Find some pretty dessert dishes or glasses and set aside.

Add the chopped strawberries to a glass bowl and sprinkle over sugar and Cointreau to taste (I use a heaped tablespoon of sugar + 1/4 teaspoon vanilla bean paste + 1 teaspoon of Cointreau per 250g punnet of strawberries).  Allow to sit for 25-30 minutes or so, stirring occasionally until you see syrupy juice at the base of the bowl.

Spoon some ice cream into the base of each dish, then spoon over a few strawberries with the juice, some crumbled meringues, layer over some lemon curd, more ice cream and strawberries then pile on a generous amount of fairy floss.  Add edible flowers and/or lollies to the fairy floss.

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  1. Oh my! These are the prettiest desserts ever! And my kind of trifle with lemon curd and fairy floss (and no boring jelly). I wish I knew a good source of edible flowers and those ladybird cake toppers are the cutest!

  2. Wow! Emma! Absolutely love the way you styled this trifle! Love the featured image and the soft pale background with the edible flowers as an overhead shot. LOVE IT! 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

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