David Lynch: Between Two Worlds @ QAGOMA

March 11 2015
by emma


Being young in the 90s and a film buff, I’m a massive David Lynch fan and have watched most of his movies (including Eraserhead which I saw at the Old Dendy back in the day when it was a cool, studenty cinema which you had to walk up a dark, unpopulated street to get to, and where there were always all types of weird patrons, er, including me and my friends I suppose!).  Anyway, was excited to spot this upcoming exhibition at GOMA a while back, which includes David Lynch’s films, art and music and it looks so awesome, I can’t stand it.

David Lynch: Between Two Worlds goes from 14 March to 7th June and you’ll need to buy tickets.

First and last mages from: QAGOMA
Movie images from: Inland Empire, 2006, USA/France/Poland, David Lynch; Lost Highway, 1997, USA/France, David Lynch; Eraserhead, 1977, USA, David Lynch; Blue Velvet, 1986, USA, David Lynch

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  1. Can’t wait for this! Ah and Twin Peaks. Many memories of the Dendy (and the parking across from it). Oh and remember the Classic cinema and the Boomerang cinema? Shame all of these cool places are no more. Was just the ‘time’ I guess.

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