Byron Bay Cookie Company gourmet cookie hamper giveaway (CLOSED)

December 11 2014
by emma

Woop!  This is an awesome giveaway you guys.

Byron Bay Cookie Company make the most wonderful gourmet cookies which I’ve been buying for years and house three brands; Byron Bay Cookies, Falwasser Crispbreads and Luken & May Biscuits.  They are an Australian company situated in Byron Bay who produce and sell a huge variety of these award winning cookies; they also have bars, crispbreads, gift tins and there are healthy options such as gluten free.  They’re the closest thing to home-made cookies and treats you can have and can be found at the Byron Bay retail store, David Jones, Woolworths, IGA and various specialty gourmet cafes and stores; they also have an online shop for all your cookie needs.

Click here for more info on Byron Bay Cookie Company’s environmental philosophy, their journey from humble beginnings to becoming an award-winning company and where you can find their products.

Scroll down for the giveaway rules and have a go at entering.

Byron Bay Cookie Hamper

The total value of the hamper is $104.35 including the basket and consists of:

o   1 x 150gm Seasonal Range gift box: Triple Choc Fudge flavour

o   1 x 25gm Bon Bon seasonal gift: Gluten Free White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut

o   1 x 25gm Bon Bon seasonal gift: Milk Choc Chunk

o   2 x Gluten Free White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut bars

o   2 x Cranberry & Almond Muesli Bar

o   2 x large gluten free Chai Latte cookies

o   2 x large gluten free White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut cookies

o   2 x large gluten free Dotty cookies

o   2 x large Triple Choc Fudge cookies

o   2 x large Rocky Road cookies

o   2 x large ANZAC cookies

o   2 x large White Choc Chunk & Macadamia cookies

o   2 x large high fibre muesli cookies

o   2 x large Milk Choc Chunk cookies

o   2 x large Dotty cookies

o   3 x Twin Pack White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut baby buttons


Thank you to Sarah from Keep Left and the Byron Bay Cookie Company for this delicious giveaway.


Some info you need to know:

  1. To enter, you need to leave a comment to this post or email me via the contact tab and tell me … what’s your favourite cookie flavour?
  2. You can enter by one of two ways above or by both, to increase your chances of winning.
  3. Make sure you use a valid email address when you enter.
  4. The giveaway is open to Australian readers only and you need a postal address.
  5. Keep Left have the cookie hamper in their possession and will be sending it to the winner.
  6. The giveaway will close at midnight on Wednesday, 17th December 2014 (Eastern Standard Time, Queensland, Australia); entry to be received by that date and time.
  7. The winner will be chosen at random by;  I will email the lucky person to inform them and will also ask for their full name and postal address so the hamper can be sent.
  8. All personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will at no time be disclosed to any other party.
  9. This giveaway is associated with the Byron Bay Cookie Company who have provided the hamper to be sent to the winner by Keep Left.
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  1. From the above, the rocky road cookies sound delicious. Otherwise, probably a chunky choc chip or choc orange!

  2. wow this company has just brightened my day and thanks for the opportunity to shop online and also to enter your competition. Cant wait to see all the lovely naughties to buy. Kerrie

  3. What a fantastic giveaway Emma 🙂
    I have always been, and will always be a traditional chocolate chip cookie girl. My favourite flavour memory as a little girl is helping Mum make her chocolate chip cookies and licking the spoon (very helpful, I know).

  4. Hi Emma
    My favourite Byron bay cookie flavour isn’t actually in the hamper but it’s definitely the GF version of Triple choc fudge. Apart from being the yummiest cookie out there… it’s gluten free which means I can eat it 🙂 and it’s the perfect gift for acquaintances you mightn’t know so well…now that everyone is getting all gluten conscious.

    Last year some friends and I were staying outside of Byron (quite a drive inland near the beautiful Terania Creek, and I’m not ashamed to say I lived off the 6 packets I bought while we were in town. Best holiday.
    I’m going to stop writing now because I love them so much it’s embarrasing.

  5. It has to be the Anzac biscuit. Traditional but always the best. Generations of families have loved them for good reason!

  6. I love the White chocolate and Macadamia nut cookies. I have actually sent some of these and the sticky date and fig cookies to my son and his inlaws for their Christmas in Vancouver, Canada.

  7. Ooo I didn’t know Luken & May were under the same umbrella. I love those biscuits but
    Byron Bay Cookie Company cookies are my absolute favourite. I can never seem to find them in shops but you can always get them at airports so I make that my little treat when I travel. I think my favourite is the gluten-free white choc chunk and macadamia. I’m not coeliac but I bought the gluten-free by accident once and I really like the texture.

  8. We sell Byron Bay cookies at work and although they are all yummy, I especially love the dotty cookie! It’s Full of choc dot goodness!

  9. Byron Bay Cookie Company’s Triple Choc Fudge cookies are the love of my life, my soulmates and partners in crime. I love ’em!

  10. I love a nutty combination,
    Fills my tummy with elation!
    Plain peanuts or with choc,
    Cookies simply rock!

  11. I love the Rocky Road Cookies, but, my husband adores the Anzac Cookies. My daughter always chooses the Gluten free White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut, while my son is addicted to the Triple Choc Fudge cookies. I’ve yet to see the gluten free Chai Latte cookies in store so can’t wait to try them also.

  12. Byron Bay Cookie Company
    is the place to be
    we will be keehauled
    if we don’t pick
    which taste is the best
    for me they all are
    but the one my taste buds do the Rumba
    is White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut cookies

  13. I love Dotty Cookies, they make me feel naughty and forty, instead of thrifty and fifty. And they go so well with a coffee!

  14. Choc chunk and Macadamia. Its so delicious with some gorgeous nuts that you could almost beleive they were healthy.. almost.. mmm

  15. Love love love White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut cookies. They have a special place in my heart and tummy!

  16. Milk Choc Chunk cookies, I simply LOVE these and buy them all the time. I then hide my Milk Choc Chunk cookies in my handbag away from the prying eyes off my husband and two boys.

  17. Mmm definitely the Rocky Road Cookies, I’ve always loved Rocky Road since I was a kid so these cookies are my absolute favourite!!!

  18. GF Chai Latte Cookies, so delicious and the spicy smell is divine, i love them on there own, but i do revert to my childhood and sometimes dunk them in my chai tea as well 🙂

  19. I’ve not long eaten two mini choc chunk cookies I received in a sample bag – they were delicious and I am a Byron Bay Cookie Company convert!!

  20. The White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut cookies. I love white chocolate and Macadamia Nuts so this right up my alley and a gourmet delight for me.

  21. Rocky Road. Chocolate, nuts, and soft marshmallows. A little bit of everything creates a perfect mouthful.

  22. Triple Choc Fudge is my favourite cookie flavour – they are even better than what I make!

  23. My fave is triple choc fudge you see,
    ideal for the Family and me,
    tasty bit size morsels, its like a party in my mouth!

  24. Both the Milk Choc Chunk and the Rocky Road sound delicious, but I can’t go past the Triple Choc Fudge. Yum!

  25. Rocky road biscuits please as this is my favourite as well as cookies s i would beone very happy lady to enjoy both in one mouthful

  26. The ANZAC, it’s my favourite one and I always feel a bit patriotic when I eat one too.

  27. They all sound delicious, but if I have to choose one it would be the Dotty cookies. Love them.

  28. White Choc Chunk & Macadamia cookies so scrumptious, would be bliss to go crazy over chocolate chunks & nutty over my favourite Macadamia nuts.

  29. Every cookie mentioned makes my mouth water but I’v never had a Rocky Road Cookie before so it’s time to indulge in one.

  30. Difficult to choose a favourite among all the yummy varieties but I think it would have to be- Triple Choc Fudge

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