Cocktail Fridays: the apple bourbon

October 24 2014
by emma

When I told Ant I was going to make a cocktail with bourbon and Appletiser he wasn’t that keen …. “does Appletiser go with bourbon?” he asked sort of sceptically.  I said, oh come on, you know you’re going to drink it (he loves my new cocktail Fridays thing because I experiment with the actual cocktails on Saturdays!  Win).

Anyway, hard-core bourbon drinkers might not think this is a legit combo but it is!  Bourbon being rich and dark with a dash of maple syrup works well with the fizzy, fresh apple flavour and a thin, crispy slice of apple.

apple bourbon recipe




apple bourbon


120mls Bourbon
2 tspns maple syrup (optional)
A few thin apple slices
Ice cubes (optional)

Add first 3 ingredients to a jug; stir well, pour into glasses then add ice and apple slices if you like.

Makes: 4 standard drinks


Inspired by: Martha Stewart and Frites & Fries

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  1. Emma, I’m so thrilled that you are doing the Friday cocktails, really is exciting to see the different creative ones you come up with, and this terrific apple-bourbon cocktail looks and sounds sooo inviting…especially the moving photos…genius! Have a lovely weekend! xo

  2. Sounds delicious! Although I should shamefully admit I’m not a big snob when it comes to cocktails… Great gifs too 🙂

  3. Looks great! I’ve actually never had Appletiser (it keeps getting auto-corrected to appetizer!) so I’ll have to try it if I can find it here.

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