Chocolate Moments (Brisbane)

April 15 2014
by emma

Well we all have those don’t we?

I received a lovely surprise for Easter recently; some gorgeous, handmade chocolates from Chocolate Moments, our only Belgian chocolatier in Brisbane.  Featuring flavoured truffles, fudge and the best salted caramel chocolate I’ve ever eaten, this chocolate paradise, owned by Gerrard Gosens, boasts 2 stores in our city as well as a specialist chocolate cooking school at Kangaroo Point (I’d love to try this one day!).

This luscious, flavourful chocolate is well worth a trip into town (stores situated at Albert St and the Myer Centre) to stock up on Easter presents or even just something special for yourself!


chocolate moments
chocolate moments
chocolate moments
chocolate moments

* This post is a product review of my own choosing.

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  1. I love their chocolates. I was super fortunate that Mum used to work at a bank in the city and would sometimes bring these home for us as a treat! I might need to meander into town very soon and do some taste testing myself 🙂
    The chocolate cooking school sounds awesome too. Perhaps a Christmas present idea…

  2. Are there any outlets in Toowoomba?adore your chocolates. My husband loves your licorice ones . He was recently inSt Andrews andI met Heather who kept me supplied for him.
    Would posting be an option?

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