Fairy bread nostalgia

November 21 2013
by emma

I don’t know who decided soft, white bread with lashings of butter and 100s & 1000s sprinkled over tasted good but there you go, it does.  I, like a lot of Aussie kids, grew up with this sweet snack for morning teas and birthday parties.  They’re perfect if you have kids or have small friends visiting as they can always help make them by cutting into cute shapes.

There’s really no room for multigrain, rustic bread and natural coloured sprinkles here, in as much as I would usually buy those.  The whole point is you eat these as if it were still the 70s or 80s!

fairy breadfairy bread

fairy breadfairy bread

Recipe for fairy bread:

The softest, fluffiest white bread you can find
Unsalted butter, at room temperature or margarine
100’s & 1000’s (sprinkles)

Butter bread generously and sprinkle over 100’s & 100’0s.  Use cookie cutters to cut bread into shapes or use as a stencil to make shapes on the bread.

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  1. Ohh I just loved fairy bread as a kid! Specially coming from a super hippie household with no sugar OR white bread allowed. I was the kid at other kids birthday parties just hanging out by the snack table while the other kids played party games, gorging my face on fairy bread… Sweet memories for sure! I’ve got to have some now! Also did you know North Americans don’t call them 100s and 1000s? Everything is just a sprinkle!

    1. Hah, I loved going to friends’ houses because they had white bread, plastic cheese and lollies as opposed to carob brownies and wholemeal bread which were at my place 😀

      And sprinkles just doesn’t sound quite the same somehow!

  2. I just couldn’t do fairy bread as a kid! I never really understood the point. I grew up in a Danish household so if there was anything weird/sugary going on bread it was usually chocolate sandwiches (which there are special thin pieces of chocolate specially made for) or brown sugar sandwiches. I used to go to parties and eat everything else, but never fairy bread. Perhaps my (future) children will be more Aussie than their mum 🙂

  3. Aah, fairy bread. I thought no 5 year-old’s birthday party was complete without it and lovingly prepared some for my son’s first party after moving to Italy, only to find that everyone bar my own children avoided it, and the homemade sausage rolls, like the plague. No unfamiliar foods, please! I resigned myself to putting on the standard spread of storebought chips and “pizzette” from then on.

    1. Oh such a shame, homemade sausage rolls are wonderful!

      I guess every country has it’s own favourite kids’ party food 🙂

  4. Hi Emma, this is certainly an Aussie tradition…never in all my years in the U.S. have I heard of ‘fairy bread’…colored sprinkles on top of cookies, frosted cupcakes, and cakes of course; but on bread?…wow! I must try a new tradition for my grandchildren, even if my grown children have not heard of this either!

    Love, love, how you sprinkled it on soft white bread in such a decorative way…so pretty, and totally magical! Thanks for sharing, dear friend! xo

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