Harry’s Ice Cream Co product review

November 2 2013
by emma

harrys ice cream harrys ice cream harrys ice cream

harrys ice creamharrys ice cream

harrys ice creamharrys ice cream

Well I have to say this was the blog highlight of my (almost) summer; being asked by Alice from Keep Left to taste test ice cream, no way!  It’s a tough gig but someone has to do it.

Harry’s Ice Cream Co are a small company based in Brunswick, Melbourne who make creamy, luscious gourmet ice cream with a retro twist; the flavours are inspired by some of our favourite Australian desserts.  These classic flavours taste exactly as described:

  • Raspberry cheesecake: creamy and rich cheesecake flavour with biscuit and a swirl of berries;
  •  Sticky date pudding: sweet, caramel tasting sticky date pudding flavour; and
  • Pavlova: meringue studded with sweet passionfruit flavour.

Harry’s Ice Cream is available at all Woolworths stores Australia wide as well as selected IGAs, Foodlands and independent grocers, so keep an eye out next time you’re at the shops for their very cute and colourful retro tubs.  Harry’s is also offered on selected domestic QANTAS flights so next time you’re flying in Australia, you might be lucky enough to be offered some.

I’ve had a very happy week taste testing this ice cream – thanks so much Harry’s and Alice.

harrys icecream

harrys icecream



Thank you to Alice from Keep Left and Harry’s Ice Cream for asking me to taste test this product.  Harry’s Ice Cream and Keep Left sent me a voucher to purchase the ice cream.  All opinions given are mine and I wasn’t under any obligation to write a positive review.

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  1. Definitely sounds like a tough task to take on! I love the idea of ice creams inspired by our homegrown Aussie sweets – the pavlova and lamington have me intrigued. Pity they are gluten free, but I am sure the rest of my family would love them! Thanks Emma.

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