Two Hills jewellery

July 3 2013
by emma

I spotted this beautifully delicate jewellery collection via bawkbawkbawk the other day and was immediately seized with a desire to find my credit card … so tempting.  Two Hills are based in Melbourne and specialise in home made jewellery; they make to order which means no two pieces are the same and you can choose between sterling silver, 9ct yellow or rose gold for quite a few items.

I just love simple, sweet and pretty jewellery like this, I’m not into big clanging things hanging off me, so this collection was right up my alley.  Some of my favourites as follows (if you click on the links, they’ll take you to the original sources and prices etc):

 Images from Two Hills and photographed by Jacinta from bawkbawkbawk

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  1. Such sweet delicate pieces. Hmmm…Christmas isn’t really that far away, perhaps I should start making a list 😉

  2. Delicate is the perfect word to describe it. My friend at work wears similar pieces at work, and I always find myself captivated by them. She got hers from a Brisbane jewellery designer, so I’ll have to let you know when I find out the name. Very clever business to have the choice of sterling silver, rose gold etc.

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