Art deco print love

May 15 2013
by emma

I love looking for wall prints more than just about anything (although we currently don’t have a lot of room left on our walls, well any to be honest but I can probably squeeze some more in).

I just know I’m going to be a crazy old lady who hoards stuff and has ten cats.  Minimalist I am not.

Anyway, I found this sweet Etsy shop matouenpeluche the other day via Meet Me at Mikes, featuring art deco prints of magical things, some of my favourites being below; click on the images to take you to the original pages/info.

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  1. These are so charming! I especially love the kitty and the mermaid. I could even see these hanging in a child’s room!

  2. Love it! Their cheeks are adorable and I love the expression caught in their eyes. Reminds me of some old artwork my Grandma has, actually. Here’s hoping you find space, hoarder-of-good- stuff.

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