Product review – ceramic water purifier @ Biome (and 20% off sale)

November 10 2012
by emma

Due to our drinking water being, ahem, less than desirable regarding certain additives, impurities and such, I’ve been on the lookout for a water filter for some time.  I drink a lot of water as I believe it’s important to health and wellbeing but I’m not terribly keen knowing I’m also taking in some additional properties – for me, it’s not just about the actual intake of impurities but also the fact that someone else is controlling what goes into public drinking water, if that makes any sense.  But don’t mind me, I grew up a hippie kid so I’m always questioning authority in some way!

In light of this, recently I purchased a ceramic water filter from Biome, an eco store situated here in Brisbane, Australia.  I’m really happy with it and it feels fantastic drinking fresh, healthy water.

And Biome are offering 20% off all water purifiers until Wednesday!

Some things to note:

  • The purifier removes 99% of impurities.
  • There are loads of different colours and sizes (mine is a 9 litre in duck egg blue and is super pretty as you can see).
  • It fits easily on a kitchen bench in a small kitchen.
  • It produces clear, fresh tasting filtered water.
  • My purchase is supporting an Australian, independent business.
  • The purifier is low maintenance although it does require regular filling so will depend on your usage (please see update below).
  • The water is filtered by a water filter candle inserted and fixed upright into the filter container by way of two washers, water is then poured into the filter container then filters into the body of the purifier ready for drinking.
  • It comes with a removable base – I don’t use the base as it seemed a bit unstable and our purifier is placed high up; I had visions of it toppling over (we have a couple of clumsy people at our place).
  • Before using the filter candle, it needs to soak upside down in a glass of water overnight.
  • The filter candle needs replacing every 6 months (for some models it’s every 12 months and this obviously depends on usage).  When replacing the candle you should also clean out the filter container and water container with a cloth and warm water (no soap or any other substance).
  • The filter candle may need a light scrub with a scourer every few weeks or so to prevent clogging of the water filter.

For those concerned about fluoride in their drinking water, you can also purchase SCP Fluoride Cartridges from Biome or Water Filter Company.  I have one of these now (as of 2014) and honestly, they’re well worth buying.

The ceramic water purifiers are manufactured by Southern Cross Pottery in northern NSW.


Disclaimer:  All beliefs and opinions stated in this review are mine.  I wasn’t asked to do this review nor did I receive any payment for it.  For any readers who are concerned about additives in their drinking water, including fluoride, I would encourage you to do your own research before purchasing a water filter.

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    1. I have recently been in to Biome here in Brisbane to have a look at the water Purifier and was very impressed. They come in a large variety of colours and designs. I don’t know if they ship to the US but you could email them to ask. The purifiers are hand made to order and cannot be bought ‘off the shelf’ so it may be better to go straight to the company that make them you can also view the variety of colours and designs in their site.

  1. I love the look of the purifier in the above picture and I would like to purchase one just like it, is it an old model as I cannot fine it on line, I live in the newcastle area

  2. I have just bought a secondhand ceramic water filter. The filter candle is from Douten. It looks a lot like the waterfilter in the picture. I want to ask: can you see if the filter needs cleaning or replacement? Is there anything I may need to know or do before using it?

    1. Hi Don

      The candles tend to develop a light brown colour over time (it’s not bad for you or anything though, just water build-up I’m guessing). I set a reminder to myself to give the candle a light scour with a scourer every month or so to ensure the water keeps filtering properly. As far as being able to tell when it needs replacing, well no, not really, so you need to keep an eye on how long you’ve been using it.

      If the candle is second hand and you’re not sure how old it is, honestly, I would buy a new one just so you know you’re getting nice clean water out of it.

      If the candle is only say, a couple of months old but hasn’t been used in a while, then stand it upside down in a vessel filled with water overnight, making sure the candle is immersed in the water. Then give it a light scour and it should work well.

      I hope this helps 🙂

  3. Hi Emma
    Is the model in your picture still available? I like the compact size and shape.
    Thanks, Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny

      Unfortunately no, it hasn’t been available for quite a while.

      I found this one Biome and also this one Water Filter Co which are slightly bigger volume but look nice and slim. Keep an eye out for sales (the second link has a sale on).

      I hope that helps 🙂


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