Pink champagne cocktails

December 27 2011
by emma

Champagne cocktails are so 60s and glamorous and I love them so I made some girly drinks for Christmas which were pretty and tasted lovely.  A bit too much actually, they’re really quite intoxicating so you’ve been warned.  Champagne is kind of naughty like that – all bubbly and innocent then bam!

I thought I’d go sparkly pink and also added a splash of my favourite liqueur; Limoncello – and yes, even the blokes drank them.  True story.


One 750ml bottle pink champagne or sparkling wine
200ml bottle Limoncello
2 tblspns pink sugar

Place pink sugar on small plate.  Wet edges of champagne glasses under tap then dip in pink sugar.

Fill champagne flutes with 1/4 Limoncello then fill the rest with champagne.

Serves 6-8.

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    1. Hi Mona

      I used a 750ml bottle but also realised the serving amount was incorrect so instead of 10 servings, I’ve changed it to 6-8.

      Thanks for bringing it to my attention (writing recipes on Christmas Day is probably not such a good idea!)


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