Grapefruit and gin cocktails and a trip back to the 70s

August 20 2011
by emma

I’m dedicating this post to one of my favourite eras, the 1970s, I guess because well, I was there but I wasn’t there (too tiny to appreciate it) … a time in history in amongst the idealism of the 60s and the materialism of the 80s.

Back in the 70s, people …

Drank a classic cocktail:

Grapefruit and gin cocktails:

90ml gin, 1 cup ruby grapefruit juice, 10ml cointreau, ice, shaken – not stirred, with lime slices.

Serves: 2

gin cocktails

gin cocktails

were like this movie:

The Virgin Suicides.  One of my favourite movies set in the 70s but made in the 90s – I enjoy Sofia Coppola’s style.  Subtle yet unnerving.

had hair like this:

Farrah Fawcett, an icon.

rocked this look:

1970s fashion.


Kombi vans.


Jaws. The book which inspired a movie; both responsible for scaring a generation of people every time they went to the beach and still does now.

marched for social and political awareness:

The women’s movement had it’s second wave in the early 70s.

enjoyed this song:

and partied here:

Studio 54, the place to be, for anyone who was anyone in the late 70s.

saw this wedding:

I don’t think anyone back then or since for that matter, was quite as rockstar as Mick and Bianca.  Hands down best wedding ever.  Respect.

watched this movie:

I never saw the point of the remake with Nicole Kidman et al.  I mean, the original Stepford Wives was a response to the women’s movement and was intended as a satire so the remake was a bit irrelevant .. the original really is a classic though.

watched these TV shows:

The Goodies, MASH, The Muppet Show, The Young Doctors and the Brady Bunch; an interesting time for TV –  British humour, anti-war politics, Kermie, sexy medical shows and a squeaky clean all American family.

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