Bowies Flat Wetland, Coorparoo

August 15 2014
by emma

This man-made wetland down the road from us is a lovely little calm hideaway right in the middle of our suburb.  With friendly quacking ducks, birds, butterflies and greenery and featuring a boardwalk, I love wondering down there, taking photos and just sitting in the sun.  If anyone lives near me, it’s a sweet little place!  Although contrary to what it says online, you can’t feed the ducks (sadly).  Understandable I guess, since they really should know how to find their own lunch for survival.

bowies wetlands
bowies wetlands
Bowie's wetlands
bowies wetlands
bowies wetlands
bowies wetlands trees
duck bowie wetlands]
bowies wetlands
bowies wetland herons
bowies wetlands

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  1. Oh wow isn’t that lovely?! What a great spot to have close by! I love the little oasis’ of nature in a city! Definitely well needed and such a good little ‘escape’ for an afternoon. Those ducks finding their own lunch! So cute!

  2. What lovely photographs of a beautiful spot.

    We used to able to feed the ducks at the man-made lake in the city I grew up…but we’re not allowed to anymore either. I guess their own natural foraged food is better for them anyway…

  3. Can anybody please know who the flats were named after as my Husband1s Mother was Bowie & her father lived in Ashton St. Love to know the no. of there address. Any Information would be greatly appreciated

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