New York baked cheesecake with cherry sauce

January 3 2012
by emma

Baked cheesecake is one of two of my favourite desserts in the whole world ever (the other is creme brulee).  I don’t make it often because despite normally avoiding moral judgments about food, it’s difficult to rationalise eating quite so much fat and sugar in one sitting in a normal day-to-day setting.  And I refuse to make low fat desserts on principle.  Like I refuse to eat low fat mars bars or low fat cheese.  If you’re going to eat something, do it right I always say.  I’d rather eat a little bit of something delicious than a whole lot of nothing.  But that’s me.

So.  Cheesecake is one of those desserts that’s a real treat and was well received on New Year’s Eve.  Kind of a last hurrah before the grim, diet-filled, alcohol free days of January (although check back soon for a wholesome yet deliciously creamy smoothie which will pave the way to a healthier lifestyle).  And because I can’t leave well enough alone (I’m always putting sauces on my dishes, I suspect I have a deep seated thing for pseudo 1980s Nouvelle cuisine) I thought I’d whip up a fresh, sweet cherry sauce to go on the side.

This recipe is amazing.  The creamy, tangy cheesecake went so well with the juicy sweetness of the cherries and paired perfectly with a cup of strong coffee.  And we froze the rest.  Right up the back of the freezer behind the organic wholemeal bread with the 1/2 bottle of vodka left over from Christmas and New Year’s.

Bring on February.

Link for recipe

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  1. ME TOO!! I love cheesecake. In fact when my brother asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year – that is what I asked for – he makes an amazing baked cheesecake. Looks amazing with the cherries! Happy new year Emma!

  2. I tried my hand at NY cheesecake in jars last week. Hmmm.
    Yours look absolutely delightful and delicious. I am so scared of trying a whole cheesecake. We’ll see if I’ll conquer that fear soon.

    Have a fabulous day!

    1. I’m not much of an experience cheesecake maker either .. but the recipe I used was easy and worked well if you want to give it a try. It uses a tiny bit of flour and a lot of eggs which helps it to rise and also, the size of the tin is important, i.e., not using a too big tin.

  3. Hey Emma, I just want to say how nice your cheesecake recipe is ,it was amazing my whole family loved it….:) :) :)

    love: emma

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