Caramel chocolate popcorn sundae

January 17 2016
by emma

This isn’t really a recipe but so good I had to share (and I’ve not had a lot of time for proper recipes/blogging lately).

Although, popcorn with ice cream isn’t quite as genius an idea as I originally thought since it’s all over the internet

So basically, find some vanilla bean ice cream, pile over as much caramel flavoured popcorn as you can, drizzle over melted chocolate then scatter over some coarse sea salt.  Blissful.

Caramel chocolate popcorn sundae l a splash of vanilla


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  1. Oh, Emma! Stop! 🙂 So Yummy!
    Love your overhead image! The sea salt makes it even more appetizing! Loving your newly designed blog – lovely! Keep in touch! xo 🙂

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