Instagram love: Giulia Bernardelli

July 22 2015
by emma

Giulia Bernardelli

I don’t do Instagram but if I did, I’d definitely be following Giulia, a talented artist from Italy who’s recently been spotted creating wonderfully intricate art from food and coffee.  Check out her creations on this page and go to Giulia’s Instagram for more loveliness.

About Giulia:

My name is Giulia Bernardelli and I am 28 years old.  I live in Mantua, a small city in the north of Italy.  I have always been interested in arts: I grew up in my dad’s bookshop and art gallery, I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and I am currently employed at a museum, where I work on projects for children.

I have always been fascinated by colours, compositions, details, and through practice I have acquired good manual skills. Everything that I needed was around me, if I looked carefully: I decided to replace the paint brush with what nature offered, such as leaves, fruit skins, food.  All these elements feature different colours and textures. I never plan my creations in advance, I simply follow my instinct, based on the actions I perform. For instance, when I drink coffee I start thinking of the nuances it would create if I dropped it on the table.  At breakfast, I imagine a cat’s paws treading on jam and leaving footprints.

I started using coffee by chance, less than a year ago, I accidentally knocked over a cup of coffee and suddenly appeared a new world, made of beautiful shades, one different from the other.  In my photos I try to catch the magic of a moment, as if the coffee created a story by toppling.  I love spontaneity, the ephemeral, the magic.

Most of my creations are temporary: they are eaten and they therefore disappear.  This is an essential feature of my work.  After I create an artwork, I take a picture, and this becomes the perfect end result.  This is how the artwork is captured at its best, in the moment of final wonder.

What I do is nothing but the product of a game, a curious look, a constant exploration.  Creativity belongs to those who are able to show it and to make it an enriching and joyful way of life.

I first started sharing my creations on Instagram(@bernulia) and I received positive feedback.  This is where it all started, by sharing images.

Giulia Bernardelli2 Giulia Bernardelli3 Giulia Bernardelli4 Giulia Bernardelli5 Giulia Bernardelli6 Giulia Bernardelli8

All images and artwork belong to and used with kind permission from: Giulia Bernardelli

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