The Game (2014)

April 29 2015
by emma

If anyone hasn’t watched the brilliant, underrated BBC show The Game, you really should.  I’m in the middle of this 6 part, British, historical, cold war mini series set in 1972; it’s wonderfully acted and fascinating to watch.

The filming of this really gets to me.  There’s so much more to historical TV or movies than slapping on a few era appropriate clothes and hair; the detail, props, camera work and colours are so important and The Game does this particularly well.  I love how some of the camera work is slightly amateurish, just like it was in the 70s (the suspenseful music and camera slowly panning out in the more paranoid, tense moments, for example), the perfect framing of scenes, the minimalist but excellent props and sets and the muted vintage film tones.  I’m a bit nerdy when it comes to film and tend to notice stuff like this so don’t mind me!

Also, I love anything from this era so much and anything espionage related always reels me in.

The Game BBC The Game The Game BBC The Game BBC

All images belong to and are from mini series: The Game, BBC One & BBC America, UK, 2014

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  1. I just finished Grantchester (loved it) and have been casting about for a new series. This sounds great! I love spy thrillers AND period pieces!

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