Nadja à Paris

April 8 2015
by emma

Nadja Tesich

I spotted this little gem the other day – a delightful short film by French new wave director Éric Rohmer, which follows a young university exchange student, Nadja Tesich, in 1960s Paris.  Nadja narrates her way around her favourite haunts in Paris doing the simplest of things; running through a sunny park, people watching from a coffee shop, chatting with her intellectual friends in a café on the Left Bank, then spending the day walking around the working class suburb of Belleville to gain some perspective from her usual student life, wading through a stream in bare feet, eating at a patisserie for lunch, drinking a glass of red wine at a bar in the afternoon while chatting to the patrons, or wandering around an art gallery.  As the article says, this film is for Paris dreamers.

I love this little film because whenever I’ve travelled, my most favourite adventures are just like this – enjoyable day-to-day activities you fancy the locals might do, people watching being the very best thing of all when you’re away from home.

Image from: IMCDB
Short film by Éric Rohmer

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  1. I agree Emma, people watching is the best part of travelling. When you are able to sink into your surroundings and just enjoy being part of the everyday pulse of life, then your can really experience the place you are in.
    I can’t wait to indulge in this delightful short film on the weekend, perhaps with a small glass of wine myself 🙂

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