Nightcrawler (movie review)

February 4 2015
by emma

Has anyone seen this?  It’s so intense!

In neo noir thriller crime style, a bit like Drive but grubbier and more stark, this excellent film shows the desperate scavengers of society the average person never sees.  Nightcrawler stars Jake Gyllenhaal as we’ve never really seen him before (edging into a sort of method acting which seems to be trending now, think Matthew McConaughey and you’ll get what I mean) in a role which can only be described as the lowest form of humanity.

This is brilliantly minimalist; superb acting with a low-key but great soundtrack and showing the seedy side of LA and TV news journalism which survives from night to night and on the ugliest and most gruesome of crimes, routinely crossing lines of morality and skating on the wrong side of the law.  Nightcrawler is literally a bad car accident which you can’t look away from, it manages to tap into those base desires we all have – despite that though, the violence is kept to a disturbing but bare minimum.

The last driving scene is thrilling, making you feel as if you’re right there, feeling your stomach tighten as the car drives faster and faster, the movie then culminating in a genuinely shocking scene (I mean you expect something awful to happen but still, totally gobsmacked).


Image from the movie: Nightcrawler, USA, 2014, Open Road Films

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  1. I’m actually going to watch this movie this week, it’s on Popcorn Time! I’m so curious about it. I like films with this kind of feel and Jake is a quality actor. He lost quite a bit of weight for the role I believe.

  2. Such a good movie. A disturbing and strange ending, but a good movie. I loved all the street scenes of the city I love so much, and the soundtrack was merlot and sunglasses and night perfect.
    And c’mon even though he’s so dark and twisted, it’s still Jake of the charming grin 🙂

    1. “the soundtrack was merlot and sunglasses and night perfect”

      ^ love that.

      Also yeah, LA definitely has a dark appeal I really appreciate.

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