Plants which help bees

October 1 2014
by emma

As most people know, honeybees are becoming very scarce to the point of extinction in certain parts of the world, due to climate change, pollution and loss of natural habitats (as with a lot of animal, vegetation and insect life – devastating and so scary).  As you can imagine, this means far less healthy fruit and vegies, flowers and no more honey (!) , as these beautiful, industrious and essential insects die out.

So, inspired by Biome’s latest newsletter, I thought I’d link this beautiful print below by Hannah Rosengren.  We can’t change things overnight however there is something we can do as individuals, whether you have a huge lush garden (so jealous if you do) or a small deck balcony with a few pots and things on it; grow things!

And more importantly, grow these plants which attract honey bees.


Print by: Hannah Rosengren

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  1. Good for you Emma and thank you so much for the inspiration! The bee problem is very real, but it’s normally so rarely reported on — I’m so glad you posted about this!!!

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