1990s playlist

September 10 2014
by emma

1990s playlist

 Oh yeah the 90s!  Talk about overdosing on nostalgia.

My uni days; an era in music which personified alternative/indie, boy bands, grunge, angry chick songs and dance music, this will always be my favourite decade because, well, let’s face it, it was the last true iconic, or at least, easily recognisable era.  So if you want to check out my mega epic awesome playlist (130 songs and counting!), click on the widget.  For more playlists, click here.


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  1. Oh the 90s. My years of late primary and early high school. I still love it. Takes me back to summers and Saturday mornings listening to the radio. Now it’s my favourite music to workout to, and the video clips don’t hurt either 🙂 Great playlist Emma.

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