For the love of books (and places in Brisbane you can read them)

August 23 2014
by emma

I’m always heartened to see so many folks loving books as I do.   Two lovely places to go in Brisbane are pictured below:

The Clarence Corner Book Shop and Café in Woolloongabba; and
The Annerley Community Book Shop and Neighbourhood Centre

So turn off your devices and visit them for a bit if you enjoy a read.  Happy weekend all!


(1) Juliette Tang, Flickr
(2) All you need are books and tea print (Etsy)
(3) Annerley Community Book Shop Neighbourhood Centre
(4) Beach Baby Blues vintage books (Etsy)
(5) Clarence Corner Book Shop & Café, Woolloongabba


Images belong to/via:

(1) Flickr, Juliette Tang (used with permission)
(2) My Retro Nest, Etsy
(3) Annerley Community Book Shop
(4) Beach Baby Blues, Etsy
(5) Clarence Corner Book Shop
(lower 3 photos are mine)

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  1. Great post and photos Emma. Thanks for sharing. Are those yellow flowers handmade woolen pompom blooms? They look awesome! 🙂

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