Get On Up (2014)

July 31 2014
by emma

I’m waiting excitedly to see Get On Up, about the life of James Brown, produced by Mick Jagger and starring Dan Aykroyd (who also starred in The Blues Brothers so hello, another brilliant movie).  Like a lot of Gen Xers, mostly thanks to my parents, I love rhythm & blues artists like James, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles.  It’s where all the music we listen to comes from after all!  And rhythm & blues has so much historical and social relevance, modern music can’t compare.  And why is it that wherever I am, no matter how far before my time this music is, if I hear any of these songs, I know all the words?!

Released in August (for the USA anyway, not sure about the rest of us although I did read somewhere it was early 2015 for Australia (come on!)).


Image of James via: Get On Up movie

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  1. Ooo, I haven’t heard of this yet (I’m so behind on culture/pop culture right now)…but it sounds really good and very worth checking out 🙂

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