Postcard swap

July 12 2014
by emma


One of the best things about the internet is engaging with people you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to before we all went online, which is lovely and so easy.  Still, there’s nothing quite like receiving something handwritten in the mail is there?  Particularly from overseas.  Anyway, Jen from Grits & Moxie is offering a postcard swap so check it out if you’re keen and have a read of her awesome blog; I’m planning on sending mine soon and I also have a heap of cute and vintage style postcards if anybody wants to do a swap with me.

Oh and Jen hails from Georgia in the USA!  You could say I’m fascinated by anything southern.

Postcard purchased from: Zazzle

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  1. Awesome idea Emma. Handwritten mail is such a rarity these days, a little sad really. Unfortunately it’s usually only bills so receiving something lovely in the mail is a treat. Anything vintage is also good!

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