The Graduate

April 30 2014
by emma

The Graduate is in my top 5 list of favourite movies ever; a classic which, for some reason, resonated with me when I first saw it at age 12 (maybe the fact that I stayed up late watching it on TV when I was supposed to be in bed).  I’ve seen it heaps of times and never tire of the ending.

Obviously as an adult I understand far more about going through an existential crisis than I did back then, but there was something about the glamour of that era so far before my time combined with how dark the characters were that I was fascinated with (and still am – see Mad Men also).

d kr-katharineross-graduate-finalbus1 graduate still-of-dustin-hoffman-and-katharine-ross-in-the-graduate-(1967)-large-picture tumblr_mi2y9bMg6E1qb4tzyo1_500


Images from movie: The Graduate, 1967, USA, MGM

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  1. Why haven’t I seen this film yet? I cannot believe that for all these years I have neglected to put it at the top of my list. With this rainy weekend ahead I think a blanket, cup of tea, and the couch are calling to me while I watch this film.

  2. Emma, that is so cool abt. the moving black-and-white photo of this movie; which I’m not familiar with, but have seen the Graduate at first when it came out, and ever since…can’t count how many times, such a ‘classic’! Love your collage of the awesome photos! Have a wonderful weekend!

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