Easter at Biome

April 11 2014
by emma

So it’s Easter soon!  Chocolate and bunnies and all things delicious can be found from my sponsor Biome and some of my favourites are below (not a sponsored post at all, just some lovely things I thought people might like).  Just a reminder also that Biome is an ethical alternative for Easter, offering vegan and environmentally sound treats.

1. Chocolate gingerbread Easter bunny biscuit – egg free, all natural
2. Animal Hats knitting book
3. Banjo the Carob Bunny easter egg
4. Silicone chocolate mold
5. Loving Earth caramel raw vegan chocolate 100g
6. Fair trade chocolate organic Easter Bunny – milk
7. Fair trade Easter egg – organic milk chocolate
8. Alpaca Easter chicks in hats


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