Crunchy vegetable pasta salad

October 16 2013
by emma

In warmer weather I love to make salads for meals and as I’m a bit of a pasta fan, I whipped up a pasta salad the other day with only a few simple, on-hand ingredients and it was really satisfying in that healthy, yet hearty pasta way;  I loved the crunch of the raw vegies and walnuts in this.  I’ve labelled this dish vegan because you don’t necessarily need the feta cheese (although it adds a pleasing saltiness) but for vegan folks, you could try nutritional yeast.

I find pasta salads are better if you cook the pasta close to the time you make the salad as it can be a bit dry if you cook it a while before.  You could also throw in whatever crunchy vegies you have, such as radish or maybe even some diced avocado for creaminess.

*edit* as my friend Elisabeth suggested, add a good squeeze of lemon as well!

crunchy vegie salad


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  1. Emma, I love your light and tasty pasta salad with all the ingredients added…as for me, I would also add the juice of the lemon along with the zest; need to make this real soon…I love cold pastas, and this one is a ‘winner’!

  2. Who doesn’t like a delicious pasta salad? I like that the veg are kept crunchy. I’m definitely the “MUST have the feta” type. I have a weakness for cheese… and pasta… and chocolate… and bread… and pastry… the list goes on.

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