Sharehouse posters from my youth

August 30 2013
by emma

I’m starting to feel a bit gloomy about the recent trend of bagging the 90s (hey, it was the last iconic era and it ruled ok?!  Get back to me in 10-20 years’ time and tell me if any of us even vaguely remember any music or movies from the last decade), anyway … posters from your sharehouse past is quite funny and spot-on.  Not the least because either my friends or I owned quite a few of these posters, or at least similar ones, in various sharehouses I lived in throughout the 90s/early 2000s.

And yes they’re pictured below along with others I remembered, in the interests of full disclosure.

Proceed to mock me.

Have a great weekend!

Images 1-5 via: Daily Life
Images 6-12 via, via, via, via, via, viavia

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  1. HAHA wow, I cannot mock you or I’d just be laughing at myself 🙂 I think ALL of those were in my life at some point. Awesome.

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