Indoor plants for interiors

June 19 2013
by emma

I grew up with a mother obsessed with indoor house plants and gardening in general .. our home (inside and out) was filled with lush, bohemian greenery, macramé holders, potted maidenhair ferns (remember those? They’re so pretty and frothy looking) and leafy vines dripping luxuriously down bookcases and such.  Then I moved out of home and gradually over the years it wasn’t cool to have house plants, or at least you didn’t see much of them around and I missed that lush greenness inside my own home.

Lately though, indoor plants appear to be making a come back, from recently reading some of my favourite blogs and interior design websites.  I’m loving the look of these beautiful images below and I think when the weather gets warmer I might have a look around for some for our home, although space could be a problem!

and if all else fails, in other words if you aren’t really a full on planty type person, we could always bring back cactus plants.  I had heaps of these little pots when I was at uni, sitting on my windowsill, I think they’re super cute and of course, very low maintenance.

Images via:
Honestly WTF
Tales of Endearment
Row Host Nest
Nordic Living
Moon to Moon
Somewhere Here
The Sill
The Lovely Dove

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  1. Hi Emma, I’m currently back from Italy, but would not want a chance to check out your amazing posts. The indoor plants are always so nice to have if you have the proper lighting, and the special care that they need…some of them may not need so much attention. I remember in my old house where my children were growing up, some thirty years ago, our den, which we used as an every day dining room as well had a lot of healthy and gorgeous plants…but than of course it had a large sliding glass door, and huge windows all around which was a perfect lighting for them.

    Your spicy beans from Nigella is my kind of beans which I love, and I love the recipe as well. Your photos of the awesome scenery is lovely…the cartoons are ever so cute, and your date-nut cake roll is phenomenal, will try the recipe soon! Glad I caught up browsing thru your lovely posts! xo

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