Homemade lavender bath salts

June 5 2013
by emma

home made bath salts

I’m currently growing lavender which isn’t flowering at the moment, but still has sweet smelling leaves.  So, I thought I’d give some homemade, relaxing bath salts a try since it’s become cold and frosty here.  I just threw them together with stuff I either had in the cupboard or purchased from the supermarket – a handful in your hot bath, or soaking your hands or feet after a long day results in fragrant, soft skin and your bathroom will smell lovely as well!

Please be careful using bath salts or essential oils if you’ve never used them before (*see note in instructions below).

lavender bath saltslavender bath salts

lavender bath salts


2 cups Epsom salts
25mls water soluble lavender oil suitable for personal use
25mls oil (sunflower or grapeseed oil, for example)
A couple of tiny drops of natural food colouring (optional) or soap colouring
A few sprigs lavender flowers and/or leaves

Add the salts to a sealable glass container and stir in oils with a metal spoon.  Add a couple of tiny drops of food colouring and stir through evenly.  Rub the lavender leaves between your fingers to release the oils/fragrance and place on top of the bath salts for storage.

Use a cup of salts for every bath – the lavender leaves are there for fragrance, not for use in the bath water.  You will need to stir the salts before use, as the oils tend to settle down in the base of the jar after a while.

Add salts to warm bath water after the tub has filled and make sure they’re dissolved before relaxing in the bath for 10-20 minutes.

Makes: enough for 2 baths

Inspired by: here and here

* Note:  Please avoid using this if you have any skin allergies, broken, inflamed skin, are pregnant or have any medical conditions which might be exacerbated with their use.  When using essential oils, never use more than is recommended.

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    1. Hi Joann

      I’ve never had that problem. The colouring is such a tiny amount compared to how much you’ll use in a bathtub of water.

    1. Hi Radhika

      I’ve kept mine for up to 2 weeks – the colour and oils both tend to settle so need restirring before using. I hope that helps.

      1. thank you! do you ever get a problem with the oil separating from the salts and the bottom of the jar? I want to give these as Christmas presents 🙂

        1. Hi Radhika
          As long as the salts are stirred before using it shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe find some tiny spoons to tie onto the lid with some twine? Just an idea 🙂

          Also, I would hand them out as gifts within a week of making them if you can (just so they’re as fresh as possible when people use them) and instead of fresh lavender, use dried if you can find some.

          I hope everyone enjoys them!


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