Downton Abbey downer

February 26 2013
by emma

I love this awesome Downton Abbey season 3 montage I spotted (MASSIVE spoilers so don’t click if you haven’t seen it yet).

And regarding events in season 3 – why.  WHY?!!


Image/GIF via: BuzzFeed (SPOILER)

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  1. Well, I haven’t seen season 3, but I understand that there were contract issues and actors/actresses wanted to leave. I’ve only watched part of the first season, but everyone seems to love it!

  2. LOVE Downton Abbey and I agree — Why? WHY? For the sake of the story-line, I wish certain characters had not left. I can’t help but wonder if those performers will regret their decision to leave the show.

    1. I agree Ann! Same thing happens here in Australia with young actors leaving successful shows to try their luck in the U.S.

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