Movie review – Flight

February 6 2013
by emma

Has anyone seen Flight yet?  Fantastic movie!  It’s not an action flick, more of a drama, however the exhilarating (and distressing) scenes at the start are really edge of your seat stuff and brilliantly executed.  Denzel (who, as always, plays his role coolly and effortlessly) is a troubled pilot who successfully saves his plane from crashing, however has to deal with an investigation which ultimately forces him on a journey towards making a life changing decision.

The movie has sort of conflicting reviews; from excellent to, well, not so much.  I’m not sure why except that maybe some people didn’t like the way the movie changed from action packed at the start to a drama for the rest of the movie … I was totally hooked the whole way though.

Memorable quote:

Harling Mays: I need that table cleaned off and put in front of him, a credit card, a hundred dollar bill and a glass of water.
Charlie Anderson: I got a twenty?
Harling Mays: That’ll do.




Images and movie stills from the movie Flight, 2012, USA, Paramount Pictures

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  1. My boyfriend and I have been managing a weekly date night at the movies and working our way through the summer blockbusters – this was the next on our list! So glad to hear you enjoyed it; hopefully I can sneak him out of the house this following weekend to get our Denzel on!

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