Oh so hot

January 8 2013
by emma

Well pretty much all over Australia right now we’re experiencing some record breaking hot weather, (poor Sydney as well as other cities will be 43 or even higher (!) today – that’s 109.4 to any US readers), with no rain for months, extreme fire danger and several out-of-control bush fires.  And it doesn’t look like letting up for the next week or so.

Right now I’m fantasising about moving to Alaska or Canada.  So stay cool everybody, or as much as you can.  I guess we’re going to have to just ride this one out.

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  1. Lucky things (although I know that can become unbearable. It is cold, dark wet and miserable here. If I could even swap for a day, just to get some daylight, then that would be lovely. I’ve forgotten what sunlight looks like 🙁

  2. Oh my goodness! Drink lots of lovely chilled drinks (lemonade?) and stay inside. I’m back in Paris where it’s so dark, I have to keep the lights on all day long in our apartment. Sending you cool thoughts. xo

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