Tomato butter pasta

September 30 2012
by emma

An easy dish which I just sort of threw together today for lunch as it’s gloomy and grey and I feel a bit poorly (I love that word.  It describes that blah feeling perfectly).  And I always feel like pasta on rainy days!  Every single time.

Too easy to list ingredients and such, it’s simply – pasta of your choice boiled in salted water, some halved, oven roasted cherry tomatoes, room temp butter (or cooking margarine if you prefer), fresh basil, toasted chopped walnuts, finely grated parmesan and seasoning.  After the pasta’s cooked to tender bite, drain then add back to the pan and throw in the other ingredients on low to medium heat until everything’s melty and hot.

Butter might seem an unusual pairing with tomato but really, the two are meant to be together, at least in a pasta dish.  The oven roasting makes the cherry tomatoes soft and creamy anyway, and combined with the butter and parmesan it makes this kind of gooey, rich tomato sauce.

(For a different flavour, sub a splash of extra virgin olive oil for the butter)

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  1. You, my dear, know how to get around feeling poorly!! I realise I love that word too…and butter and roasted cherry tomatoes and parmesan and the added crunch of walnuts….clever combination……..!!!! 🙂

  2. That looks amazing Emma. Such a good combination. My tummy is rumbling just looking at it. Time to think about putting dinner on I think 🙂

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