Get down tonight

June 15 2012
by emma

Happy Friday.

Can you believe these sexy 1970s uniforms for Southwest Airlines flight attendants?  Such a different world back then.  I kind of like them but then I’ve always said the 70s is one of my favourite eras (along with the 1920s but that’s a whole different post).

Here’s a funky song to take you into the weekend.

Image via: nogoodforme

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  1. Wow!…am I old, or what?! I remember very well these HOT PANTS…is what they called them. They actually made their ‘debut’ in 1969, and continued on the the early seventies.
    I did have a mini suede skirt, and the ‘go-go-‘ boots, when I was still in my prime late teens…just loved them (even have a polaroid photo somewhere)
    Thanks, Emma, for bringing back great fond memories!

  2. The big belts and the funky accessories are back and were never out of style. I was just a baby back then, but I love reminiscin’ =)

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