A story

June 14 2012
by emma

I don’t often go into personal things on my blog but thought I’d share something today:

Walking past this framed photo on my hallway desk of my late mum (on the right) and aunt Suzie when they were young makes me both sad and smiley at the same time.

Suzie, my mum’s sister, died of breast cancer when I was a teenager and she was only in her late 30s; she was a bubbly, tall, thin and very pretty hippie girl and I’ll always remember her telling me that one day she was walking through a shopping centre wearing a pretty dress and feeling quite pleased with herself, when her knickers suddenly lost their elastic and fell down to her ankles.  So she just picked them up, put them in her handbag and nonchalantly kept walking, smiling serenely at all the passers-by.

I mean what else could you do?

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  1. Oh, Emma, what a heartwarming story!…so sad about your poor mum, and aunt to pass away at such a young age. For a moment, I thought it was you on the right, but realized its a vintage photo from the sixties…they both look so happy and beautiful.

    I did not understand what ‘knickers’ are at first…then put 2+2 together! So funny; of course she did exactly the right thing (hopefully she didn’t have a see through dress on)

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