Rachel Khoo’s Little Paris Kitchen

March 28 2012
by emma

Ok this is exciting and a bit special.

I spied Chef Rachel Khoo’s Little Paris Kitchen via French for Foodies recently.  Click on the links to read her fascinating story.  Rachel has a show on BBC2, three cookbooks under her belt, (the third, The Little Paris Kitchen, has just been released in the UK) and the smallest underground kitchen restaurant in Paris.  Rachel is a must-see for foodies in my very humble opinion.

Rachel’s Paris journey totally removes the myth that you need a massive kitchen and all kinds of fancy kitchen equipment to make delicious food, in fact it almost makes big fancy kitchens with huge kitchen islands and expensive kitchen appliances desperately uncool and redundant …..  well ok maybe not quite (I kid, I kid!) – but since I myself have a tiny little kitchen and get ribbed on occasionally for my lack of microwave and dishwasher (by choice as I prefer bench and storage space), I feel quite vindicated.

Check out Rachel:

Image from: Rachel Khoo
Video belongs to: Penguin Books UK

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  1. OMG! I picked up her book last week and thought it looked good…..now I know it is! Firm believer in small kitchens as things are at hand 🙂

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