Coloured sugar

November 2 2011
by emma

This isn’t really a recipe but since we seem to be hurtling towards Christmas at a rather scary rate (7 and a half weeks what?!), I thought I’d put together a little festive, girly sweetness to add to your holiday baking.

It’s really just as much white, granulated sugar as you need in an airtight, zip lock sandwich bag, add a bit of natural food colouring and shake it around until combined and at the desired colour (it’s better to add too little than too much), date label the bag and it should last a few months.

I plan on using this to sprinkle on cupcakes and for decorating cocktail glasses when we get a bit closer to celebrating Christmas.

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  1. Genius .. did you use wilton gel colors or ? Also how do you get the sugar to stick on the glass lol .. sorry might be a dumb question but I do not have a clue. Love your blog!

    1. Hi Natasha 🙂

      Not a dumb question! – I probably should have explained really. I wet the edges of the glass a bit under the tap then dipped it into a plate with the sugar sprinkled on it. The sugar then hardens.

      The brand I used is called Queen, it’s in a liquid form.

  2. Great idea on using them on cupcakes and cocktail glasses! Very timely especially now that the holiday season is fast I’ve got something new to share with my family and friends…thanks for this post.

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