Strawberry, chocolate and peanut butter smoothie

April 24 2011
by emma

I received this in the mail the other day and couldn’t wait to try something out of it.  I felt it was time for a healthy breakfast after the sugar fueled, indulgent days I’d been having and let me tell you, everything in this is good for you and, like Sophie says, has a very milkshake appeal about it.

Sadly I didn’t have any blueberries so I substituted with extra strawberries.  Just lovely and perfect for a sunny weekend.


2 cups strawberries, fresh or frozen
2 x 20ml tblspns Milo
1 cup organic soy milk or almond milk
agave syrup to taste
1 x 20ml tblspn natural peanut butter

Whisk everything in a blender, adding a bit more milk to thin it out if necessary.  If using frozen berries, the smoothie will be much thicker; if using fresh, it will have more of a milkshake quality.

Serves 1 large or 2 smaller servings

Adapted from:  Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights

How to freeze berries

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  1. i just noticed your book shelf. i watched into the wild and i think i should read the book. i hear its really good and you know what they say the book is usually better then the movie and i believe in a lot of cases that is so true!

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