Movie review – It’s Kind of a Funny Story

February 25 2011
by emma

This cool little movie about a depressed 16 year old (played by Keir Gilchrist, known for United States of Tara) who unwittingly admits himself to an adult psychiatric ward, is an absolute gem.

The movie has a number of clever, charming fantasy scenes played out in our lad’s mind which give a contemporary sort of alternative feel to the movie as well as honest, gently funny and sometimes poignant dialogue between the characters.  There are not-so-subtle messages; mental illness crosses all boundaries, live your life, take risks, or it passes you by.

If you want to see a movie which gives a different insight into the mental health system, from the perspective of an insightful, likeable teenager and his fellow inpatients, with a healthy sprinkling of genuine, down to earth humour and pathos, then see this movie.

This scene is well worth clicking on by the way!

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  1. This sounds like a charming movie. Can't believe I haven't heard of it. It's the kind of film I really enjoy!

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