Affogato – “drowned” ice cream

November 18 2010
by emma

I love this dessert because it’s just so decadent.  I also love that it has a routine to it; pouring in the espresso, dipping the biscuits.  I love the moment you pour the hot espresso on the ice cream and it starts to melt; the first spoonful of ice cream so sweet and creamy and cold, the espresso bitter and hot with crunchy almond biscotti.  Bliss!

This dessert looks very upmarket but is actually quite easy.  Especially when I used the almond biscotti I made the other day.  You simply find some pretty glasses, cups or bowls, add a scoop of excellent vanilla ice cream, pour some hot espresso over and add a couple of nice bikkies.  If you want something really special, then use flavoured coffee, or add a shot of liqueur.

I used my grandmother’s old martini glasses for this (I love them, they’re so 1960s cool!).

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  1. Yum! There's nothing better than a great affogato. (A bad one sucks, though, and I definitely speak from experience…)I'm curious how you make your espresso, too. I've been looking into Moka pots so I can make it cheaply at home!

  2. Oh wow! How random, I had never heard of affogato until the other day on holiday I was playing Cooking Mama (haha) and that was one of the meals to make. Will have to try it with your biscotti too!

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