Spicy sesame roasted carrots with yoghurt sauce

August 19 2015
by emma

sesame carrots l a splash of vanillaI’ve realised lately that carrots aren’t that sweet anymore, or at least I can’t find many nice ones :(, which makes me a sad bunny because I love to snack on raw ones.  So lately I’ve been doing heaps of roasting to bring out the sweetness.

Anyway, today’s recipe is a quick and healthy lunch I’ve made a couple of times – spicy roast carrots with sesame seeds and the best yoghurt dip!

sesame carrots l a splash of vanilla

sesame carrots l a splash of vanilla

sesame carrots

Recipe for spicy sesame roasted carrots with yoghurt sauce:

8 whole carrots (about 500g), scrubbed (I left the skin on)
2 x 20ml tblspns oil
1 tspn honey
3 tspns fresh grated ginger
1 tspn ground cumin
Pinch chilli flakes
1/4 tspn paprika
1/2 tspn ground coriander
Freshly ground sea salt & black pepper

2-3 tspns black sesame seeds, toasted (optional)

Yoghurt sauce:
200g full fat Greek yoghurt
1 small clove garlic, crushed
1 tspn ground cumin
Light sprinkle of chilli flakes
Freshly ground sea salt & black pepper, to taste
1 tspn lemon zest
Handful flat leaf parsley, chopped

Preheat oven to 210C.  Line a large baking tray with baking paper.  Place carrots on baking tray.

Add the oil, honey and spices to a small bowl and mix until combined with a decent amount of seasoning.  Spoon over carrots and use your (clean) hands to rub into carrots.  Roast for 45 minutes, or until caramelised and tender – turn carrots and tray around half-way through cooking time.

Meanwhile, toast sesame seeds in a non-stick pan over medium heat until fragrant.  Immediately place into a dish and set aside.

Yoghurt sauce:
Place ingredients into a small bowl or jug and stir until combined.

Scatter sesame seeds over carrots and serve with yoghurt sauce.

Serves: 4 sides

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  1. I’ve always thought cooked carrots tasted like soap (which is weird, I know), but I actually love them with strong spices, as with this delicious-sounding recipe. Love the yogurt sauce, too! V. Ottolenghi 🙂

    1. That reminds me of what I’ve heard about coriander (cilantro I think you guys call it?) – a lot of people say it tastes soapy!

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