Father Rabbit (New Zealand)

August 21 2014
by emma

I just wanted to feature my enamel milk pan and porcelain ice cream bowl with spoon I purchased recently (I really am the worst spontaneous shopper but have been wanting a milk/porridge pan for ages) from Father Rabbit, a beautiful online homewares store from New Zealand.

Their products are simple yet aesthetically very pleasing and practical, they have speedy delivery (3 days from NZ to Brisbane), they ship to most countries and everything’s wrapped nicely and tied up with string.

(not a sponsored post or anything, just my own thoughts)

Father Rabbit

Father RabbitFather Rabbit

Father Rabbit

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  1. Emma! Emma! Emma! Oh heavens! It’s as if I wrote this paragraph! I have been into an enamel milk pan and yet to get one! LOVE the picture sequence and and I scrolled down very slowly getting all thrilled as if I were opening the package! Lol!
    Such a coincidence but I am awaiting the arrival of some Falconware enamel on Monday from New Zealand … I do have a son who is a student there….. Have this strange feeling that I won’t be yearning for a milk pan in exactly the same colour as yours any more! Ending off with a jig! Have a lovely day!xx

  2. I have a very, very similar enamel pan, in a robin-egg’s blue like yours! I leave it out on the stove ’cause it’s cute, but it is smaller than yours, and the sides are straight though… I find it very useful, I think you’ll enjoy yours too.

    I’m going to check out ‘Father Rabbit’, thanks for the recommendation (and hopefully they ship to the U.S.? I’ll find out).

    1. That’s a great idea to store it on the stove, I might do that (I really don’t want to hide it away in a cupboard).

  3. Lovely photos Emma! And great items. Thanks for sharing father rabbit. I love enamel kitchenware and your new saucepan looks really cool. Great packaging too. 🙂

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