The Nordic diet

August 6 2014
by emma

Swedish meatballsblueberry-smoothie

Finally!  A diet I can get my head around which is basically all my favourite foods.  The (new) Nordic diet is a regional way of eating food which encompasses clean, fresh, natural and local produce such as oily fish, lean meat, whole grains, root vegetables, almonds, greens and berries; studies are saying it decreases your risk of disease and could even extend your lifespan.  Anyway, any diet which encourages you to eat salmon, potatoes, berries and bread is ok by me!

I love to read about other cultures and their eating habits so thought I’d link some recipes I’ve made in the past which might be similar to those from the Nordic diet and you can click on them by the above images.  Mine are obviously more friendly to the region I live in (I don’t think I could eat reindeer, for example, ahem Rudolph, although I realise how hypocritical that is given I occasionally eat cute fluffy chickens).  Also the ‘wild’ components of the Nordic diet are a bit beyond me over here in the Southern hemisphere.

We do have beautiful produce in Australia though, due to our warm climate, so I wouldn’t avoid healthy food like avocados or mangoes, for example, as I’m fairly sure they don’t grow for long, or at all, in some Scandinavian countries and aren’t typically included in this type of diet.  Basically, this lifestyle can be adapted to the region you live in (see also, the Mediterranean diet and Japanese diet, both incredibly healthy however both culturally and regionally appropriate).

Some traditional Nordic recipes can be found here.

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