Socks & heels

July 16 2014
by emma

This look is pretty specific, it’s not really the same as walking down the shops in your birks and socks.

Although how comfy does that sound … (for some reason it reminds me of swot vac week at uni when my housemates and I would wander down to the 7-Eleven for supplies wearing our pjs and god knows what else).

Anyway, you really need to rock the high heels, candy or sparkly colours with some serious attitude.  I mean even though I couldn’t get away with this look, I really love how it looks in photos, so cute!

Images from/via:
Shop til You Drop
The Olive Shoppe 
Pin Style
Shop Hers 

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  1. Very whimsical 🙂

    I wear patterned socks all the time, but I don’t wear heels (which is funny because I’m also ridiculously tiny).

  2. I love knee-high socks! But not sure I could pull this off. I think of this as more of a daytime look, but the second image proved me wrong — sooooo pretty!

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