Etsy favourites

May 7 2014
by emma

Some very nice things in my Etsy favourites (a few from one of my new favourite stores: Found By Her, a vintage store in Brisbane for a change).  See my list for the owners of the images/stores.

Update: as you can see in the comments section, Jay from Found By Her has very generously offered readers 10% off any purchase over $30.



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  1. Love etsy! I have to curb my time on there though because it can be very dangerous to my credit card… I can’t wait until Chris and I move into our own house so that I can pick up some cute things under the guise of ‘needed purchases for the new house’.
    Definitely going to check out your list!

  2. I’m so happy to be included in your Etsy favourites, Emma-Louise! I’d love to offer you and your readers 10% off any purchase over $30.
    Warm wishes,
    Jay x
    Found By Her

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