Biome Christmas guide

December 4 2013
by emma

I’ve put together a list of Christmas gift ideas from Biome, a local eco store who advertise on my site sidebar.  It’s wonderful to give and receive gifts however knowing your gifts are environmentally friendly and healthy is even better.  This isn’t a sponsored post or anything like that; I genuinely love this store and wanted to share some goodies I’ve found.

Recently, I purchased the cookie stamp and Sweet Vegan cookbook, both of which will make beautiful and sort of whimsy gifts.  See Biome’s Christmas gift guide for more ideas!

Biome Christmas list


1.  Blue Q recycled zipper pouch – yoga girl
2.  Loving Earth dark 72% raw vegan chocolate 45g
3.  Anamalz wild – giraffe
4.  Hemp cord twine – taffy
5.  Cookie stamper – eat me
6.  Ecococoon 500ml Dragonfly Midnight stainless steel water bottle
7.  All natural gingerbread Christmas tree
8.  Olieve liquid soap pump – olive oil with wild lemon myrtle (200ml)
9.  Heirloom seeds – carrot cosmic purple
10. Olieve Olie shave gel
11. Dog bed cover
12. The Last Whale
13. Tightology full womens tights – linea (aubergine)
14. Earth Greetings notelets – birdy blooms
15. Earth bracelet hand-made (4 strand)
16. WeWood watch – date brown
17. Sweet Vegan cookbook

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